How to Stop Blinking Christmas Lights (Easy Fix)

If you don’t like blinking Christmas lights but don’t want to replace the entire string, here’s an easy fix.

blinking Christmas lights

Last year, I ran into our local Big Lots and grabbed three boxes of icicle lights for outside decorating. I already had two sets of strings at home. I dragged out the ladder and went to work. Once the lights were hung, I realized the three new sets were blinking, but the old strings weren’t. I bought the wrong boxes. Ugh!

I did test the lights before I hung them to make they work, but the blinking doesn’t start for several minutes after lights are plugged in. Needles to say it looked weird and I was frustrated. No way I was going to take them down and restart. I was cold, tired and cranky after hanging lights for several hours. So I just let them be.

blinking Christmas lights

This year, however, I  wanted non-blinking lights on my house without replacing the three light sets I had bought the previous year. Blinking Christmas lights are not my thing. It is such an easy fix and I bet most of you already knew that. But, maybe, just maybe, there is one person out there who didn’t know… hey, I’m glad I could help.

blinking Christmas lights

The blinking light string has a few bulbs (mine had three) with a red or silver tip. These are the blinking bulbs. Find them, take them out and replace them with clear, steady bulbs (extra packet of bulbs is always included with the string of lights) that look like the rest on the string. This will stop them from blinking.

blinking Christmas lights

blinking Christmas lights

It’s all good this year. Nothing is blinking. These easy steps will help you transform a strand of lights that blink into a non-blinking strand of lights.

Important Tip: Make sure  your Christmas light strand is unplugged before you remove and replace any bulbs.

Dollar Tree Gallery Wall

Gallery wall done on a Dollar Tree budget.

Dollar Tree Gallery wall

Last week, I decided to update my hallway gallery wall. I wanted an easy layout that would bring a non-cluttered feel to the narrow hallway yet still add personality. So the search for simple yet affordable picture frames began.

A trip to The Dollar Tree was all I needed. I bought 20 simple frames in two different sizes. I kept my four old large frames.

Some photos are pretty old … like this one of my mom when she was pregnant with me in 1970.

Some are current; some in black and white.

Dollar Tree Gallery wall

Dollar Tree Gallery wall

Some full of priceless memories … like this photo I took of my then 10-year-old daughter. The dress, the guitar, the brick wall … just like it was yesterday. Memories all over the wall.

Dollar Tree Gallery Wall

Some ” design experts” will tell you not to display too many family photographs. To me a house without photographs doesn’t feel like a home.

My daughter Christy once wrote a song titled A Place To Call Home. With this song she captured our life experiences and move to Nashville. These two lines from the song will always stick with me.

“Pictures are first on the wall in a second

A constant reminder of who we are.”

I’ll keep adding to my gallery ( even if design experts don’t agree with) until the picture frames reach the bottom. In the meantime, these photos “are a constant reminder of who we are”.

TICKETS GIVEAWAY – Anne Frank’s Step Sister To Speak In Nashville

Anne Frank’s step sister will share her story of triumph, tolerance and peace.

Eva Schloss

Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s childhood friend and step sister, will share the unimaginable experience of living through the fear and panic which was the Holocaust. This is a special opportunity to hear a first-hand account from someone whose life intersected with one of the most compelling figures in our history.

As time passes, there will be fewer opportunities to hear from actual Holocaust survivors and one day, there won’t be any. Please don’t let the chance to hear Eva’s inspiring message of peace slip by.

For more than 30 years, Eva Schloss has devoted herself to holocaust education and global peace. She has recounted her wartime experiences in more than one thousand speaking engagements and has written 2 books.

She’s also giving an inside look into the life of Anne Frank and her revolutionary diary, showing the real-life people behind the textbook history lessons.


Thu, October 11, 2018

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM CDT


Nashville Music City Center

201 5th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37203

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