Board and Batten and New Paint in Bathroom

board and battenWhen I bought our house, the only bathroom in the house wasn’t cute at all. I’m being polite – the bathroom was gross. It had mold, several layers of tile, a yucky floor, broken vanity, ugly wall paper, cracked mirror… A tight budget and the fact that this is the only bathroom in the house didn’t allow for a major remodel. So I worked with what I had.

Bathroom BeforeThe first thing I did was rip out the old sheet rock, tile, and floor.Panolam 8-ft Fiberglass Reinforced Wall PanelI replaced the broken shower tile with this Fiberglass Reinforced Wall Panel. It’s extremely durable and easy to install.

bathroom refreshbathroom cabinet beforeI repaired and stained the vanity.

bathroom makeoverI also added new knobs.

Vinyl FloorFor the floor I used this vinyl tile. It’s super durable, easy to install, and unlike ceramic tile, vinyl doesn’t feel cold.
Vinyl FloorRecently, I also installed a board and batten.

board and battenSince I didn’t replace the base board, all I had to do was pick up two primed lattice strips at Home Depot.

bathroom refreshA couple of years back, I painted the walls a  bluish/turquoise color. But now I wanted a classic grey so I went with Benjamin Moore “Moonshine”.
benjamin mooreInstalling a board and batten is fairly easy yet time-consuming. There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet… no need to bore you with mine. Installing board and batten involves lots of cutting, nailing, caulking and painting. Oh, btw, most tutorials will tell you to use a nail gun. Well, I don’t have one so I used a regular hammer and finishing nails. It worked just fine, but one of these days I’d love to get a nail gun.

bathroom refreshThis board and batten isn’t just pretty, it’s also practical. In a small bathroom, every inch counts and you want it to be as functional as possible.

bathroom refreshbathroom refreshbathroom refreshI’m happy with the results. Although the bathroom is small, it feels bright and fresh.

Interior Design Show Casting Homeowners in Nashville

CASTING is underway!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. If you are a homeowner in Nashville and surrounding areas and you need help turning a space into a personalized haven, you want to read this.

Casting is underway for a brand new show for an upscale major cable network.  It is a home renovation/interior design show that’s exclusively looking for homeowners in Nashville + surrounding areas. The premise is new and exciting, and focuses more on the interior design aspect of things. The show will feature a design duo that comes from a very well-known family in the Nashville/country music industry.



You can also send your name, location, contact info, a recent family photo & several photos of your home (inside and out)  to or click here.

Maintenance Free Topiaries For My Front Door

***I received a free product to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.***Topiary


In the spring, I planted summer-flowering bulbs in containers, which I placed on either side of the front door. I was anticipating a traffic-stopping summer display that would wow my neighbors. No such thing happened. Too much heat, sun, and wind.  I ended up with dead and dried out plants. The front door entry had seen better days. So, my mission was to replace them and have the front entry looking beautiful again.


I’ve always loved the look of topiaries.  So I replaced the dead flowers with these two HedgeScapes spiral topiaries. The best part, weather doesn’t stand a chance against these beautiful, artificial plants. They are super durable and realistic-looking.

HedgeScapes uses the highest grade of color pigments, which ensures that the plants will not fade due to outdoor elements. These plants are well-suited for enduring harsh weather conditions. They are also fire-retardant.


I added these decorative stones to the pots for weight and because they look nice.


Meanwhile, my neighbor’s dog came over and watched me work on my topiaries. She is such a sweet girl. I couldn’t help but take a picture of her and share it with you.


I love symmetry. Placing a pot on either side of my door works wonders. It creates balance and works as an extra layer that frames my front door.


HedgeScapes offers a wide rage of products like hedges, letters,  logos, screens, topiaries, and even animal topiaries allowing you to create the most beautiful landscapes. These guys have been around since the 70’s and have a repertoire of well-known clients like Disney, Universal Studios, and MGM Grand.


With HedgeScapes, nearly everything is customizable: choose your shape (any form you desire), foliage (Boxwood, Azalea, Juniper, Ivy, Pearl Glass), size and application to complete the look for your home, yard, business or special event.


Take some time out of your day and go around your property. Have a good look at what you need, what space needs changes, and how can you make it more welcoming.

I love that these artificial topiaries add a classy and decorative element to my front porch… and they are 100% maintenance free.

If you’re interested in sprucing up your property, follow HedgeScapes on social media and learn more about their awesome products: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.