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Apple & Sweet Cottage Cheese Strudel

Growing up in Germany, apple strudel was something we enjoyed eating throughout the year. No amount of words can describe the taste of biting into a warm apple strudel. The crispy crust with warm sweet apples inside is a more sophisticated version of apple pie. Making apple strudel takes time and is not exactly something that you can whip up when the craving calls for it. Apple strudel is made from simple ingredients, but the secret of a successful strudel is the dough. It must be elastic and smooth to stretch it very thin. The dough will be rolled and wrapped around the filling, which in this case consists of apples and a sweet cottage cheese filling.


1 2/3 cups flour

¼ tsp salt

1 egg

2 tbsp melted butter

½ cup warm water


6 apples (grated) + ¾ cup sugar

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 cups cottage cheese

½ cup sour crème

1 egg

½ cup sugar (depending on taste)

½ tsp vanilla

¼ cup bread crumbs + 1 tbsp sugar

About 8 tbsp melted butter

Directions for filling:

1. Peel and grate the apples. Add sugar and cinnamon.

2. In a small bowl combine cottage cheese, sour crème, egg, sugar, vanilla.

Prepare dough:

1. Mix flour and salt in a large bowl.

2. Beat egg, butter, water to blend.

3. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients.

4. Knead dough on a lightly floured board until dough feels smooth (about 5 minutes).

5. Pick up dough and slam down onto board repeatedly (about 5 minutes).

6. Shape dough into a smooth oval and brush lightly with melted butter. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest at room temperature for about 20 minutes.

Roll out dough:

1. Cover a table with a clean tablecloth and dust with flour. Roll out dough into a large oval (approx. 18- by 26-inch oval).

2. Stretch the dough with your hands as much as you can. If dough tears, overlap the torn edges and seal them. The dough should be thin enough to see through.

3. Brush dough with 6 tbsp melted butter. Sprinkle breadcrumbs and sugar evenly over the dough.

4. Spread apples and cottage cheese filling over the dough.

5. Gently lift cloth under the filled dough guiding it forward to form a compact roll, ending seam down.

6. Transfer it to a PAM sprayed baking sheet. Brush strudel with about 2 tbsp. butter.

7. Bake strudel in a 375 degrees oven on center rack for about 35 to 40 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar (optional).

Wake Up Wednesdays


RED Tour, Craigslist Scam & Mike’s Ice Cream

Last week, my lovely daughter had a brilliant idea. She invited me to see Taylor Swift’s RED concert here in Nashville at the Bridgestone arena. Even though I’m not a fan of “Pop Star Taylor”, I always liked her country songs from way back when she still had curly hair and wore cowboy boots. But since I love spending time with my daughter and since it was her treat, I said ‘yes’. There was one minor problem; my daughter didn’t have any tickets to the show.

But, you see, the girl is very resourceful and after scanning good old Craigslist for hours, she finally talked a seller down to $70 for two tickets. We sent him money through PayPal and waited at will call while the seller was on the phone with Ticketmaster to transfer the tickets into our names (or so he said).

Well, to make a long, sad story short, the tickets were never transferred into our names. After about 1 ½ hours of waiting, the lady at will call decided to let us know that someone else was already occupying “our” seats. Thanks, lady, you couldn’t have told us that sooner? By then the concert had already started. And through all this, the “seller” swore that he transferred the tickets to will call. He even told us he would refund the money if the transfer for some reason didn’t work.

We felt robbed; financially and emotionally. So what do you do when you hear 17,000 eight-year-olds scream from inside the arena because Taylor is about to perform “Red?” You are darn right, you get something to eat!

RED didn’t work out for us, but Mike’s Ice Cream on lower Broadway certainly did. We didn’t even care that we walked through pouring rain to get there. We were in desperate need of some rich, handmade ice cream.

A quaint little ice cream shop amongst the crazy bars on Broadway, Mike’s Ice Cream has such creative flavors as Red Velvet Cake, Rum Raisin and Tennessee Fudge. We ordered Coconut and Butterscotch Overload. Seriously y’all, the best ice cream I’ve ever had. It has a fresh, creamy and not too sugary taste. Really delicious!

We didn’t see Taylor but we managed to have a nice evening together after all. We weren’t even that upset anymore. Twenty years from now I probably would not have remembered the concert anyway, but I will always cherish the crazy, wonderful evening I had with my daughter, and the lessons learned from it.

1.Do not buy concert tickets on Craigslist.
2.Always bring an umbrella if the weather forecast calls for 80% chance of rain in Nashville.

FYI, we filed a dispute with PayPal who guaranteed us a full refund. Hooray for PayPal, even though you charge a ridiculous fee whenever I withdraw money for deposit in my bank account.

Still excited to see Taylor

Almost inside the Bridgestone to see Taylor

What a bummer!

Almost two hours after the RED fiasco…

Mike's Ice Cream to the rescue

We were so annoyed, we could have eaten the giant fake cone.

We were so annoyed, we could have eaten the giant fake cone.

Palatschinken For Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner

Growing up in Germany, I ate a lot of Palatschinken. Palatschinken are a thicker version of the French Crepe. Palatschinken are traditionally filled with apricot jam and then rolled like a jelly roll.

I always loved them as a kid and now my kids are crazy about Palatschinken. Sometimes we fill them with Nutella or a special sweet cottage cheese, sour crème, cinnamon, and vanilla extract filling. Sometimes, we just eat them plain. Palatschinken are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

• 2 cups milk
• 2 eggs
• 1 cup flour
• pinch of salt
• fill as desired

• Beat Eggs
• Stir in Milk and Salt
• Sift in Flour slowly, while mixing
• Batter should be the consistency of heavy cream
• Add additional Milk or Flour to achieve desired consistency
• Add a small amount of oil to med-high heated pan
• Hold pan handle with one hand and ladle in the other
• While tipping pan as needed for coverage, pour a thin layer of batter into the pan
• Return pan to burner and cook until top surface of Palatschinken has a dry, matte finish
• Flip with a spatula and brown the other side

This recipe makes about 15 Palatschinken.

Lil Mrs Tori