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“This Is What It Feels Like”

I never thought I would actually say this, but I am a big fan of a song that is played at electronic dance music parties all over the world where wild and crazy people dance the night away and are free to wear whatever they want. I have never been to one, nor will I ever attend one, but I have to say, this song is pretty amazing. I am talking about “This Is What It Feels Like” by Armin van Buuren. It’s a beautiful song, with a nice beat and good lyrics.

“And I don’t even know how I survive

I won’t make it to the shore without your light

No I don’t even know if I’m alive

Oh, oh, oh without you now

This is what it feels like”

My daughters who are huge fans of TomorrowWorld and EDC introduced me to this song.

TomorrowWorld 2013

TomorrowWorld 2013

The YouTube video has nearly 28 million views and 149,000 likes. Wow! So, this is for all the non-electronic dance music fans. Enjoy!

Carrie Underwood Visits Nashville’s Music Row

From left: Christy, Carrie, Melody

From left: Christy, Carrie, Melody

Even if country music is not your cup of tea, this gorgeous singer will most likely set your heart racing.

Yes, we are talking about Carrie Underwood who was on Nashville’s Music Row last week to celebrate her #1 song “See you again.”

My daughters showed up at the #1 party (invited) to catch a glimpse of the fabulous country singer who looked more petite in person than on television (so I was told).

And you bet, she flashed the winning smile that won the hearts of Americans when she was voted as the winner of American Idol in 2005.

With her good looks and unquestionable singing capacity, it is not surprising that Carrie quickly shot to international fame after her win. A year ago I was lucky enough to see her on her “Blown Away” tour. And yes, I was blown away.

So we all know her as the cute blond babe with the mighty voice and megawatt smile. But off stage, behind that television persona, what is Carrie Underwood really like?

My daughters said she was “kinda cranky and so tiny.” Well, maybe it wasn’t her best day. And I guess the camera does add 10 pounds.

Nevertheless, we think Carrie and her music are awesome.carrie underwood