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New Mattress, SmartBase & Bedding For My Teen

lucid mattress


Until three weeks ago, one of the oldest furnishings we had in our house was my son’s bed. The twin size bed frame was part of a bunk bed my girls used when they shared a room, 12 years ago.

ceiling lights

When the girls got older, I separated the bunk beds and gave one to my son, which was fine, until he grew 5’9. The mattress and bed frame were simply too short for him. He had a hard time falling and staying asleep, and sleep is important for a 13-year-old boy.  So I turned to Amazon and started looking for a new mattress and base.

lucid mattress

I spent a lot of time reading review after review. I decided to purchase the LUCID 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It has over 3,200 nearly 5 star reviews on Amazon. The mattress is designed of a 2.5-inch layer of ventilated gel memory foam and a 7.5-inch layer of high density support foam for pressure-relief and support with a medium-firm feel.

lucid mattress

The mattress is shipped vacuum packed, so it’s easy to transport and set up. Simply remove it from the box and protective wrap, and then watch as it expands.

lucid mattress

lucid mattress


lucid mattress

The mattress is amazing. Not too hard, not too soft… just right. I’m a little jealous! The price is great, too – $219 for a queen.  Yesterday, my son told me how great he sleeps at night and that he always falls asleep right away. I’m very happy to hear that.

zinus smart base

For his bed frame, I chose the Zinus 14 inch SmartBase.  With over 3,000 reviews, this item is also a bestseller on Amazon. There are several things I like about the SmartBase.

  • It stands 14″ off the floor, which means I can store plenty of boxes and other things underneath. Perfect if you need extra storage.
  • A SmartBase replaces a bed frame and box spring.
  • Assembly is super easy – no tools required.
  • The frame is very stable and strong.
  • The price for a queen frame is only $79 plus free shipping.


lucid mattress

I bought a goose down alternative comforter from Chezmoi Collection. Mine came from the Bargain Hunt store. Are you familiar with Bargain Hunt stores? They have quality brand name merchandise 30% to 50% (sometimes 90%) below normal retail pricing. I only paid $20 for the comforter.

The duvet cover ($44) is also from Bargain Hunt but was originally from Target.  The white sheets are from Big Lots ($16). They are so soft and wrinkle resistant.

Next up, the boy wants new wall art. Stay tuned!

3 Fun Hobby Ideas For This Winter

snowpocalypseThe first snow has arrived in Nashville. Schools have been cancelled, traffic is a mess, and forced hibernation becomes part of our lives. When this happens, it’s easy for our productivity to come to a halt as we curl up on the couch with blankets and TV remotes.

If you want to stay productive this winter (aside from work and errands), you may want to consider starting a new hobby. Here are three fun hobbies ( I have in mind) that we can start within the comfort of our own home.

Image result for diy dutch oven bread

via Pinterest

Make homemade bread.

Something I’ve never made but wish to make is a rustic loaf of bread. You know, the kind with air pockets, crusty on the outside, soft inside? Yeah, I totally want to try it. The best part, it’s a no knead bread that bakes inside a dutch oven. In my opinion, there aren’t many things as magical as transforming flour, water and salt into fragrant loaves, especially in our Digital Era. Creating a loaf of bread with just a few simple ingredients is very soul and body satisfying.

Image result for chunky throws

via Pinterest

Pick up knitting.

As a teen I was obsessed with knitting. I probably knitted  30 or more sweaters. My skills were beyond basic knitting because I loved learning new knitting patterns and techniques. Once I moved to Los Angeles, where shorts weather rules most of the year, I became more interested in roller blading on the beach boardwalk.  Knitting is a very calming, yet productive hobby. One of the things I’d love to make is a chunky knit blanket. The kind you knit with your arms or oversized knitting needles. Or you can even use PVC pipes.

Image result for pouring acrylics black and white

via Pinterest

Experiment with abstract painting.

Do you ever look at cool abstract art and say “I could totally make something similar”? There’s no right or wrong when it comes to abstract art. You can take a paint brush to canvas and go to town. Experiment, learn and have fun. I’m interested in the acrylic pouring technique which provides a very smooth and glossy finish.

Do you have a winter hobby?

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A Look Back At 2016

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of 2016. How did this happen?

As far as my house projects go, 2016 was a productive year. I accomplished quite a bit, considering I only had my two hands to get it all done.
DIY Kitchen Table top

In May, I built a new kitchen table top. We simply needed a larger table, and instead of getting rid of the small table, I built a larger top.

Garage door hardware

That same month, I also upgraded my garage door with just $10. It was an easy, quick, and inexpensive way to spruce up my home’s curb appeal.

dog friendly patio

The deck was another story. My goal was to make the deck pet-friendly, which meant to basically rebuild the entire railing.

diy deck railing

This project was labor-intensive and long, but I finished just in time for summer. Below is a picture of the deck when I bought the house.

diy deck makeover

quick bathroom refresh

My small bathroom refresh happened in August. I painted the walls, bought new accessories, and added a board and batten.

DIY board and batten

guest room storage

In October, I took on the guest room. I added new furniture, rug, storage, and accessories.

diy art shelf

I also built this art ledge and made the macrame wall hanging.

DIY macrame wall art

diy garage floor paintThis project began on Labor Day… and boy, did I labor. The garage got a total makeover, and at times, the task seemed overwhelming. I painted the floor and added lots of DIY  wall storage and shelves.

DIY garage wall storage

diy garage storage

I really don’t have much to complain about. The year 2016 was good to me and my family. We were healthy, we always had food on the table, the kids did incredibly well in school (college), I became a mother-in-law and a Citizen of the United States, and I voted for the first time in my life.

Thank you so much for following along on my journey. I’m so thankful for your encouragement and support, and hope you’ll continue with me on this journey in the new year.

I wish each of you a wonderful ending to 2016, and I’ll see you in 2017!