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Five Projects To Do This Spring

Spring is here and I’ve noticed that my readers are starting to search my archives for warmer weather projects. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my older spring-related projects you might want to try this season.

#1. This DIY wood planter adds so much character to my front door. It was an easy built using leftover fence wood.

DIY Wood Planter

This Williams-Sonoma planter was my inspiration but way out of my price range.

#2. Painting the front door made a huge difference to my home’s curb appeal. It’s such an easy and inexpensive fix. I used this door paint and it’s holding up great. I highly recommend it.

Front Door Makeover


front door

#3. Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s time to pull out those hoses. Why not build this easy hose holder? Much better than having the hose sit in the dirt, don’t you think? I used scrap wood I had around the house. Be creative and use whatever works for you.

DIY Hose Holder

#4. I find pressure washing my property highly addictive. Now it’s dirty, the next second it’s clean. Once you see the difference, you can’t stop. This electric pressure washer is lightweight and powerful. Read my full review here.
power washing

#5. Last year, I built this $4 super simple, raised garden bed. Trust me, it doesn’t get easier (or cheaper) than this. I’m excited to make more.

DIY Raised Garden Bed



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DIY Modern Plant Stand & #MilkaMeetsOREO

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DIY Modern Plant Stand

DIY Modern Plant StandCrafting is one of the oldest hobbies in existence. What I love about crafting is that I can do a whole range of activities with my own hands. It’s a great way to let my imagination flow to create something new out of simple materials.

I especially love to craft on rainy days. I light a candle,  grab a snack, and make a cup of tea. Last Sunday, I set aside a couple of hours for making two simple plant stands. It was a fun and easy project. I also had a fun snack to go with it: the new Milka OREO chocolate.

Growing up in Germany, Milka was my favorite chocolate. Stores would have an entire aisle of just Milka products. I loved it! In case you aren’t familiar with Milka; it’s one of Europe’s leading chocolate brands. It’s smooth and creamy, it just melts in your mouth.

My mom used to snack on Milka chocolate while knitting sweaters in our tiny German apartment. So when I heard that Walmart now carries OREO cookies coated in European Milka chocolate, I had to try it. It’s so good.

DIY Modern Plant StandmilkaMilkaWhen you buy Milka OREO at Walmart you get it at an everyday low price and you can also earn $1 with Ibotta. Since this  is a new item, my local Walmart had a special display for the Milka OREO Big Crunch Chocolate Bar, which I needed in my life, and once you try it, you will too.  You can find the new Milka OREO treats in the candy aisle at Walmart.


MilkaDIY Modern Plant StandI love plants and wanted to make some simple yet modern stands for the coffee and kitchen table. I only needed a few materials, most of which I already had at home.

  • four wood sticks
  • wood glue
  • flower pots
  • gold spray paint (optional)
  • white paint (optional)

I used a miter saw to cut the pieces into desired length.  You’ll need a total of 12 pieces per stand.

  • Glue the pieces together so you have two squares.
  • Take four wood pieces and glue them to one square (see above photo).
  • Glue the second square to the top of the four pieces.
  • Scrape off any excess glue. You can also smooth it out with sand paper.
  • Leave the cube bare, or paint/stain it.

I spray painted the pots gold and used white, leftover paint for the stands.

DIY Modern Plant Stand

diy modern plant stand


DIY Modern Plant StandYou can get smaller pots with succulents and place them on your desk.


Or place a vase or mason jar inside the stand.


For me, crafting is also an amazing stress reliever. When I’m tired of my routine life and its everyday challenges, crafting helps me get engrossed in something creative that gives me inner joy and peace. In that sense, crafting is a wonderful relaxation therapy for my tired mind and body.

I know crafting helps boost my happiness, and I hope that you too have a hobby that brings you joy and allows life’s worries to fade away… if only for a brief time.



What’s Your Color Story?

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LiveColor   #CollectiveBias

While most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about colors, they affect us every day. Colors can influence our moods and  thoughts. Each color has a psychological value. Think about how certain colors make you feel; they can influence any emotion, from tranquility to anger. The book Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color by Moll Anderson explains that our feelings about color are deeply rooted and emotionally based on our personal lives.




Moll, interior designer and life stylist adds that understanding why we love and dislike certain colors is key to exploring our own personal color story, opening us up to embracing the colors that will renew, revamp, and revitalize our home and life.

“I became interested in color when I discovered that it was not only a reflection of my mood, but my state of being. I looked around and saw I was living in black and white, and I realized I was hiding. In this book I share the transformational elements of my own journey with color to help you transform your personal color story.”- Moll Anderson.

Our color choices do matter, and the powerful effect of color is most evident in our homes, says Moll who is also an accomplished television and radio host and  has appeared on numerous other television shows, including Access Hollywood Live, Good Day LA, The Talk, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Dr. Phil. Colors

Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color motivates us to change our life by “clearing out the cobwebs of our past with COLOR”. The book offers thirteen color sections, which will help ignite your creativity and motivate you to invite color into your home and life. I recently read the book and loved it.


We all have a color story!

Moll says we all have a color story. While reading her book I thought about mine, which, by the way, was the first time I truly thought about color and its connection to my life. The book’s journal pages offer a great way to learn your own color story.

I used to love vibrant colors. Red, purple, green, yellow, even pink. As a teen, I would knit sweaters in the most vibrant colors. When my girls were little, I dressed them in colors they loved. Pink and purple were high up on the list of favorite colors. Girls became teenagers and I began to turn my attention to more neutral tones (grey, brown, black). I wanted a strong yet  flexible foundation that my home’s color palette could be build upon.

After my divorce, I started craving lots of white, which I didn’t care for much in the past. Perhaps deep down I felt white represented a blank canvas, a clean slate, a fresh start for me. I needed my new home to be airy, white, bright, and clutter-free. I needed room to “breathe”, and neutrals help me accomplish this.

Some people may find neutrals boring and dull. To me, the virtue of neutrals lies in their flexibility: Add color to liven things up; subtract it to calm things down.

In the spring, for example, I like to add pops of yellow around the house. It’s like bringing in sunshine. Yellow is such a happy color, it feels refreshing and invigorating. Although yellow is such a cheerful color, I wouldn’t want it to be the main color scheme in my home. Pops of yellow will do for me.

Moll’s favorite and easy way to add pops of color is with pillows and flowers. With the use of vibrant, beautiful photos, Moll  includes simple color solutions, fabulous “Pop of Color” additions, and her personal color lessons and stories from her designs and life.colors


Blue is a color I’ve always loved but never utilized much. Not really sure why. Blue feels calming and relaxing. It creates such a peaceful atmosphere.  When I see the color blue, memories of my childhood come back. I was seven when I first saw the ocean – the Mediterranean Sea to be exact. It was the most beautiful blue I ever saw. It’s where I tasted salt water for the first time and learned to swim. The color blue is definitely meaningful to me.

I’d love to add pops of blue to my home. The classic combination of white and blue is something I inspire to have in my home. White walls, caramel leather couch, blue pillows, cozy throws and rugs, and simple lighting.

Reading Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color  has made me realize that my feelings about color are deeply rooted and emotionally based on my personal life. I never thought about color in that way. Frankly, I never really thought much  about color.

The Color of Giving

Along with her professional work, Moll is a dedicated philanthropist, focusing her energy on many deserving causes including UNICEF and the Boys and Girls Club. In her book, Moll talks about the Color of Giving. She describes it as the most beautiful rainbow made up of all the colors that fill your heart with joy. This is the Color of Giving.

What’s your color story?

Are you curious to discover your personal connection to color and understand how color makes you feel?

Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color  will be available in Target stores when it officially publishes on March 14. 2017. This book can also be purchased at, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million, or anywhere books are sold online.