Chunky Floating Shelf DIY

Floating shelves are everywhere these days… and I am not surprised since they are practical and pretty to look at. I needed a little something in my bathroom, which is on the smaller side. I decided a cabinet would be too large, so I created a floating shelf (I am currently working on shelf #2) instead.

I truly believe in reusing as much as I can. I had some old wood from an old fence and an extra piece of fiberglass panel from my shower project. Here is the tutorial I followed. I stained the wood with Minwax wood stain.

I love the fact that the wood is not perfect and the white fiberglass panel adds a nice contrast to the dark wood. The colors go well with my aqua walls and Java gel stained vanity and mirror.


6 thoughts on “Chunky Floating Shelf DIY

  1. Hi Sabine,

    I just love your shelf, especially the part where everything in it is from scraps. We have a small bathroom as well, so I may have to steal your idea!


    1. Hi Val,

      If I can inspire just one person to reuse building materials, I am a happy girl. Floating shelves are great for a small bathroom. Have fun making them and thanks for stopping by.

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