Easy 3D Paper Star Tutorial

3D paper starSnowflakes and stars are probably my favorite Christmas decorations. They are simple yet classy and elegant. Last year, I made this easy paper snowflake┬áso I figured, this year I’ll try to make an easy 3D paper star. It really is easy … kids can do it.

3D snowflake3D paper star

3D snowflake3D paper star3D star tutorial

3D paper star#1. Start with any size piece of paper and cut it down to a square as shown in #2 and #3.

#4. Fold the square into a triangle, making a good crease. Unfold and repeat in the opposite direction.
3D paper star#5. Unfold the triangle and fold it into a rectangle. Unfold and repeat in the opposite direction (#6).

#7. In each of the four creases, mark a line half way up the crease.

#8. Cut into all four creases.

3D paper star#9. Fold the cut edges to the center crease, making sure each crease is pointy. Glue the flaps together.

#10. Repeat the process with a second star.

#11. Now that you have two stars, hot glue them together. You just made a 3D paper star.3D paper starI played around with two different sizes of construction paper. It’s fine, but card stock is probably best for this project as it is firmer. It would be fun to decorate the stars with glitter or sequins.

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