Fiberglass Wall Panels As Tub Surrounds

Fiberglass Wall Panels

A tight budget and the fact that this is the only bathroom in the house didn’t allow for a major remodel when I bought the fixer, fours years ago.  The tub/shower was the thing I wanted/needed to get done right away. I removed the old dry wall,  tile and wall panel. After installing the new cement board, I purchased FRP panels (Fiberglass-reinforced plastic) for my tub/shower surround.

Fiberglass Wall Panels

FRP panels are a laminate surface wall and ceiling panel that is ideal for wet environments like bathrooms. Fiberglass is mixed with plastic to produce panels that are tough, durable and water-resistant. FRP can be installed in any area of a bathroom and will help ensure the walls remain easy to clean, for the life of the installation.

Fiberglass Wall Panels

This is what I had in mind minus the price – Swanstone 3-Piece Easy Up Tub Wall.


This is what I created: My own “Easy Up” with these 4×8  FRP panels for $33 each.

null 4 ft. x 8 ft. White .090 FRP Wall Board

To install the FRP, you need


Fiberglass Wall Panels

The FRP  panels provide a very basic, clean, simple look – they may not be for everyone. Some people prefer the high-end look of tile. And that’s fine too. Heck, maybe someday I’ll have tile in the shower. But in the meantime,  FRP is extremely durable, resists mildew, moisture and staining and is easy to clean. It’s also a lot more affordable.

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12 thoughts on “Fiberglass Wall Panels As Tub Surrounds

    1. I used an adhesive to secure the fiberglass to the wall. The bottom of the fiberglass touches the bathtub. Final step is to caulk everything.

  1. I am grateful to have found your article about fiberglass wall panels. Thanks for sharing such a good article. I did get good knowledge about what type of fiberglass should I get designed for my new panels. I will try it. keep up a great post.

  2. Looks very nice! But is it hard to clean soap scum buildup off that textured material? My husband just tore out our tub/surround and wants to do this but im a mom of 3 littles and i dont have time to scrub 🙂 how often do u have to clean it?

    1. Thank you, Becca. This tub surround is so easy to clean and I never have soap scum buildup. So much easier to clean than tile and grout. After using it for several years, it still looks clean and white. I clean it once a week. Material is durable, inexpensive and also looks good, in my opinion. Hope this helps and thank you for reading.

  3. What a fabulous idea maker you are? I really appreciate your hard work. Such an informative post you share. A lot blog I search this things but It is success by following you. How to clean shower door dust which freezes in the bottom?

  4. Love the bathroom and it’s my inspiration at the moment .Would you please tell what you used for your window frame?TIA

    1. I removed the window frame before installing the fiberglass. It’s wood primed and painted. I think I used paint made for boats. Really waterproof and performs well in the shower. Once the fiberglass was in place, I caulked around the window and then reinstalled the window frame. Hope this helps.

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