My $10 Garage Door Upgrade

garagedoor before aftergarage doorCurb appeal is so important. I once read that most buyers form an opinion whether they like a house or not before they step foot in the front door. In the past two years, I’ve completed several projects to spruce up my home’s curb appeal. I painted the exterior, shutters and front door. Today I want to share with you an easy and inexpensive way to update your garage door.

When I was at Home Depot I noticed this garage door kit for only $9.69. You can get a similar kit here.garage doorIt has a timeless classy look and feel. The handles and hinges are made from metal and have a real textured look and feel. garage doorI installed it myself in 20 minutes.garage doorAll you need is a tape measure, drill bit, drill, pencil, painter’s tape (optional) and screwdriver.garage doorStep 1: Position the hinge and mark the screw holes. I used painter’s tape to keep it in place.garage doorStep 2: Drill pilot holes at each marked location.garage doorStep 3: Secure the hinge with the screws.garage doorStep 4: Repeat steps with handles.


garage doorgarage doorgaragedoorBefore:



garage door

garage door

garagedoorThis was an easy project that took no time at all to do; it was inexpensive, required very little skill and made a huge impact on the curb appeal. You should definitely get these if you are looking to spruce up your garage doors and add simple but important details to your home.

Next task, power washing the driveway.

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    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting my blog. My garage doors are metal. This kit works for metal and wood. Have fun with the project!

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