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Painting Ceilings The Easy Way

  • August 2, 2019
  • By Sabine
Painting Ceilings The Easy Way

What can I say? Painting ceilings is a pain in the neck, literally. There’s no way around it….but, there are tools to make this project easier.

Over the summer, I painted the kitchen, living room, and hallway ceiling. This was my first time painting with the Homeright EZ PaintStick. I have to say I’m impressed with this tool.

Aside from having a stiff neck, ceiling painting is not a complex task, especially when you have the right tools. Of course, a huge part of a successful paint job is prep work. I filled in cracks and holes and lightly sanded, once the spackle dried.

painting ceilings

A good, no mess ceiling paint like the ultra white in flat finish from Valspar, is what I used. Along with an edger and the Homeright PaintStick EZ-Twist.

edger for painting ceilings

The edger helps you with a straight line around your ceiling. This tool only costs a couple of bucks, but it’s pretty awesome. I was able to skip the painter’s tape. This saved me time and money.

EZ paint stick for painting ceilings

This is the new tool I used. The EZ-Twist draws paint directly from the can and holds it in the handle, eliminating the need for a traditional roller tray. This will save you from the back-bending work of constantly going back and forth to refill on paint.

painting ceilings

When you pull the handle, the paint is sucked trough the black piece inside the can.

painting ceilings

The EZ-Twist paint stick provides 64 inches of reach without drips or mess. I’m short but I didn’t need a ladder. The shed resistant roller cover is an another great feature. It shields splatter so tarps aren’t necessary.

white ceiling

I’m glad I was able to do this project over the summer. Painting a ceiling “forces” you to remove cobwebs, dust and vacuum behind furniture, wash curtains and clean curtain rods. The house feels bright and clean.

Also, I’m glad I tried the Homeright EZ PaintStick. With this tool I was able to paint fast and mess free. You should consider getting one the next time you paint a ceiling or wall.

**I’ve received a Homeright EZ PaintStick for review. I was not compensated for this post. Just an honest review stating my own opinion.**

By Sabine, August 2, 2019

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