Paper Towel Ball Ornament


A couple of years ago I watched a YouTube tutorial for creating a beautiful ball ornament using paper towels. Yes, paper towels. And since each year we like to add one new ornament to our Christmas collection, I decided to give this one a try. Instead of using a styrofoam ball, I used a plastic baseball since I already had one on hand from a previous project. The project is fairly easy, yet a bit time consuming.

I love the end result – it reminds me of a snowball sparkling in the sun light.

paper towel ornament

paper towel ornamentCut the paper towel into several strips. Fold each strip twice. Twist it and shape into a rosette.

paper towel ornamentHot glue it to the ball.

paper towel ornamentAdd pearls, beads, sparkles… or whatever you wish.

paper towel ornamentAdd a ribbon if you wish to hang it.

paper towel ornament

I love it when I can use simple items to create cute Christmas decor. Here’s my DIY Twig Christmas Tree, DIY Advent Wreath, the Simple White Wreath and Easy Paper Snowflakes.

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