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Testing Aloe Vera Gel Face Primer

aloeveraprimer2mainSeveral months ago I made my own coconut oil moisturizer facial scrub¬†with which I’m still obsessed it. Unless I am out of coconut oil, I use the scrub almost every day. I really wanted a face primer and when searching for a DIY concoction, I came across several sites that recommend Aloe Vera Gel as primer. Most recommend the Fruit of the Earth 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel. However, I decided to put this to test first so I grabbed my generic green aloe vera gel from my cabinet. I think most aloe vera gels will work as long as their main ingredient is aloe.


I mixed 1/3 cup aloe with 1 tsp softened coconut oil. You can skip the coconut oil but I just love it on my face so I added it for extra moisture.


I have normal skin and after application, my skin felt a little sticky. However, it dried within a few minutes. After applying foundation and powder, I was seriously impressed. My skin looked flawless. My pores and fine lines were minimized and my skin had a fresh look.

Based on my personal experience I was impressed with the primer and ¬†will continue to use it. It’s cheaper and better for your skin.

Have you tried aloe vera gel as face primer? If so, I’d love to hear what you think.