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Upgrading a chain link fence

chain link fence makeover

A year ago, I wrote about affordable chain link fence makeover options. You can read this post here. I finally found the time and motivation to work on my chain link fence. Let me show you what I’ve done so far.


BEFORE:chain link fence makeover

The previous home owners built a “dog park” on their property. Although we have two dogs, they don’t enjoy spending more than five minutes inside the park. My goal is to turn the area into a garden. It’s the perfect location – it gets plenty of sunshine, and the chain link fence offers protection from deer and other animals. I’m envisioning a lovely garden, full of flowers and vegetables. Someday. In the meantime, the chain link fence isn’t pretty to look at, and since I had a pile of leftover fence boards, I decided to use it on the metal fence.

Last year, I came across this video and thought this would be an easy and affordable makeover for my fence.

chain link makeover



It’s really simple. I used 1 1/2 inch pipe straps,  3/4 inch screws, and fence boards (around $1.50 per board).



I made lots of cuts, so the BladeRunner was perfect for this project. Because it’s lightweight and sets ups in seconds, I was able to carry the saw all the way to the fence and make the cuts there.


chain link makeover


For now I’m leaving the back of the fence area alone. It’s pretty much covered by trees and ivy. All I have left to do is the left side of the fence and the gate. I’m glad I was able to reuse the old fence boards.

chain link fence makeover

Do you see the yellow dog house? This, too, was left behind by the previous homeowner. Last month, I was able to give the dog house a makeover. You can read about it here.dog house makeover I donated it to our local animal shelter and just found out that this dog house is going to be used for a deaf dog. The house will be picked up this week. I’m beyond thrilled!

Have a great week! xoSabine


Affordable & Easy Chain Link Fence Makeover Option

chainlink fence redo

We have a dog park in our back yard, built by previous owner. Although we are dog owners, our dogs are small, inside dogs and have no interest in this enclosure. We have tried, but after five minutes of being in the dog park, they stood by the gate and cried.

What to do with it? Getting rid of the chain link fence seems like a lot of hard work for just one person. Besides, fences are expensive to install.

Instead, I decided to make this area a garden where I’ll grow fruits and vegetables. Since our yard gets pretty much daily visits from deer (this is where they come from),  this fence comes in really handy. chain link fence redo

chain link fence redo

This tiny garden bed is just the beginning. They’ll be many more. Or I may even rent a tiller to loosen the soil in this area.

chain link fence redo

Chain link fences are not my favorite so I have searched for affordable makeovers. After perusing Pinterest and Youtube, I am pretty sure about the direction I’m heading with my chain link fence.

Via Midwestfence

I really like this idea. Just a few wood boards make all the difference.

chain link fence redo

I happen to have a big pile of old fence wood in my back yard. These boards would be perfect for covering up the metal poles. Great way to reuse old wood and save money.

chainlink fence redo

Another thing I’d like to change is the color.


via Bob Vila

Black is a much better option.

This video shows an affordable and easy chain link fence makeover. The guy did it for under $50. I love the end result.


So this is my plan for this fence. I’d love to know what you think.