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Deck Work in Progress

deck beforeDIY Deck Staining & Paintingdeck aftersamsung2Fab Habitat  Rugdeck workdeck workdeck workdeck workdeck workdeck workdeck workdeck workdeck workYay, it’s Friday! I hope y’all have something fun planned this weekend. I know what I’ll be working on. My deck.

I wanted to share with you the work I did last weekend. When I bought the house in 2014, the deck needed lots of TLC. I spent hours on my knees sanding, priming, staining, painting, etc. I even built a pet gate for the dogs. You can see the posts here and here.

We were happy with the results but still had a hard time enjoying the deck. Our two small dogs are small enough to fit through the deck railing.  The second we open the French doors leading to the deck, they are off. Eventually we got tired of chasing after them so we skipped using the deck altogether. This really bothered me and I decided to take care of this annoying situation.

Last weekend, I started by removing the 2×2 wood railing pieces. Then I bought more 2x2s at Home Depot; I cut, sanded, primed and painted for hours on end. I spaced the pieces¬† 2.5″ apart versus the original 5.5″. There’s no way the little rascals can fit through that.SerestoWhat’s left to do is a little more painting and reattaching the gate.deck workNext up restaining the deck floor. I can’t believe the damage the snow did to the stain.deck work

Have a wonderful weekend!:)