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DIY Modern Entryway Table

ddiy modern entryway table

This modern entryway table is a quick and inexpensive project almost anyone can do. If you have a drill and screws, you can do it. In one day.

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This is what I hoped to accomplish. I envisioned a clean, simple entryway table that’s functional  and modern. (via pinterest)


I spent $21 on the boards. Three 1 x 2’s  and three 1 x 4’s. Home Depot cut the larger pieces for me. At home, I cut the smaller pieces to make two rectangles.


I drilled pilot holes and used wood glue. Pilot holes are necessary since this type of wood splinters easily.diy modern entryway table


Next, I glued together the pieces for the top.


After I sanded and smoothed the pieces with 80 grit sand paper, I painted the legs a semi gloss black (leftover paint).


I flipped the top upside down and attached the rectangles with three screws.


diy modern entryway table

Next, I attached the two horizontal pieces to the bottom of the table. Same process: pilot holes, glue,  2 inch screws.


I sealed the top with two coats of General Finishes Satin Polyacrylic. This poly is fast drying, non-yellowing, and water based.


I like the dark and natural wood color contrast.


diy modern entryway table

If you want or need a modern entryway table, I hope you will try this simple tutorial.

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Have a great week! xo Sabine

Upgrading a chain link fence

chain link fence makeover

A year ago, I wrote about affordable chain link fence makeover options. You can read this post here. I finally found the time and motivation to work on my chain link fence. Let me show you what I’ve done so far.


BEFORE:chain link fence makeover

The previous home owners built a “dog park” on their property. Although we have two dogs, they don’t enjoy spending more than five minutes inside the park. My goal is to turn the area into a garden. It’s the perfect location – it gets plenty of sunshine, and the chain link fence offers protection from deer and other animals. I’m envisioning a lovely garden, full of flowers and vegetables. Someday. In the meantime, the chain link fence isn’t pretty to look at, and since I had a pile of leftover fence boards, I decided to use it on the metal fence.

Last year, I came across this video and thought this would be an easy and affordable makeover for my fence.

chain link makeover



It’s really simple. I used 1 1/2 inch pipe straps,  3/4 inch screws, and fence boards (around $1.50 per board).



I made lots of cuts, so the BladeRunner was perfect for this project. Because it’s lightweight and sets ups in seconds, I was able to carry the saw all the way to the fence and make the cuts there.


chain link makeover


For now I’m leaving the back of the fence area alone. It’s pretty much covered by trees and ivy. All I have left to do is the left side of the fence and the gate. I’m glad I was able to reuse the old fence boards.

chain link fence makeover

Do you see the yellow dog house? This, too, was left behind by the previous homeowner. Last month, I was able to give the dog house a makeover. You can read about it here.dog house makeover I donated it to our local animal shelter and just found out that this dog house is going to be used for a deaf dog. The house will be picked up this week. I’m beyond thrilled!

Have a great week! xoSabine


Dog House Makeover

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RoofedItMyself   #CollectiveBiasdog house makeover

dog house makeover When I bought my fixer upper, this fairly large dog house was left behind by the previous homeowner. Although we have two small pups, they are spoiled inside dogs, preferring the couch over a dog house.

If you follow my blog, you know that I like to reuse things as much as possible, so when the opportunity came along for me to try GAF roofing products, I knew right away what DIY project I would use them for –  for a makeover of this sad-looking dog house. Not for my dogs, but for the dogs at the local animal shelter. During warmer months, the shelter keeps several large dogs outside, but the area lacks shade and cover. I’m hoping this dog house will keep the dogs cool and dry.dog house makeover

As you can see, the dog house needed lots of TLC… especially the roof.

dog house makeover

The first thing I did was measure the roof.  Next, I went to Lowe’s to purchase all my roofing materials. This part was pretty easy since all the GAF Roofing Accessories were in one aisle, including shingles, underlayment, ridge cap shingles, and nails. I also bought new plywood and paint. dog house material

dog house makeover

dog house makeover

I started by removing the old shingles.

dog house makeover

The original roof was a mess. It consisted of plywood and shingles, and a second layer of thin plywood and shingles. All this needed to go.

dog house makeover

Basically, I took it down to the studs, haha. I cleaned the house and reinforced certain areas with leftover treated wood from my wood stash.

dog house makeover

Once the new plywood for the roof was put in place, it was ready for  the FeltBuster® High Traction Synthetic Roofing Felt.

dog house makeover


This gives the wood an additional layer of protection. Although GAF is customarily thought of as a professional product used by contractors, it can be used by the average DIYer. I never knew I could install an actual roof myself, but this was totally doable.

dog house makeover

For shingles I chose Timberline® Natural Shadow® in charcoal.  I recently learned that Timberline is the best-selling shingle in North America. It’s made with proprietary, granular technology. The best part – It looks good and is extremely durable. Just picture how many dogs will be able to use this dog house?! For many years. This makes me really happy.

dog house makeover

Once the shingles were up, it was time to add the TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles. These offer multi-layer protection at the highest-stress areas of the roof.

dog house makeover

These are easy to use, since no cutting is required. Just use your hands to break them.


dog house makeover

When everything was done, I primed and painted the house a cheerful yellow color.


dog house makeover

Not only was this makeover fun to work on, I feel good knowing that this house will go to good use.

dog house makeover

And Billy couldn’t agree more.

dog house makeover

He and Teddy were the first to get a tour of the new and improved dog house.


Are you keeping busy with outdoor projects this spring? What kind of DIY project would you use GAF roofing on?