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New Door Lever Handles

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Door hardware is something you don’t give much thought to even though you touch it every day. It’s only after you replace it that you notice the huge difference quality hardware makes.

I recently replaced our old door knobs with new Kwikset door handles. It took me a while to figure out if I wanted knobs or lever handles. The number one argument for the use of handles is ergonomics. A door knob requires a tight grasp and the ability to twist in order to open the door. A handle only requires you to push down to open the door. A handle is much easier to use for an elderly person with arthritis, or anyone with their hands full ( that would be me).

Did you know that the city of Vancouver banned the use of knobs in new construction in favor of more user-friendly handles?

I chose the Halifax Square Lever in Venetian Bronze I love how simple and modern the style is without being too basic. The Venetian Bronze finish looks black with bits of brown.

door knob

Shortly after I bought our fixer, I spray painted all the knobs. The paint held up well for about two years, then it started to chip. Also, some of the knobs were dented and no longer locked. It was time to replace them.

kwikset door handle

The first thing I noticed is how heavy these Kwikset door handles are. They are solid and have some serious weight to them. I felt it when I dropped one on my foot. I ordered privacy and closet levers.

Installation was really straight forward. I did have to notch out a few latch holes where I needed them to be deeper. The handles feel sturdy and come with a simple lock mechanism. This is a lever with a minimal turn (45 degree downward turn) to open.

If you are planning on staying in your home for the long-term and want to age-in-place, seriously consider choosing lever style door handles. If a member of your family suffers from arthritis or other joint ailments, also consider levers for their ease of use.

door handle

What do you prefer: Knobs or levers?

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Front Door Upgrade for $7

Eight months ago, I experimented with my door knobs. I took a can of spray paint and painted all 12 door knobs in the house except for the front door. At that time I had no idea if and how long the paint would stick to the hardware. But since my budget was tiny I had to get creative or live with the rusty and neglected brass knobs.

I took this picture yesterday. It’s my closet door knob and I touch it every day. The spray paint has held up really well.


Yesterday, I finally tackled the front door knob and hinges. 

I stripped the hardware off in just seconds. A regular old Phillips screwdriver will do it.

So after some decent amount of online research I learned that the most recommended method for painting hardware was:

  • Sand as much as you can with high grit (200+) sandpaper to rough it up
  • Apply two or three thin and even coats of high quality spray primer and paint

I used Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Paint and Primer in One in Oil-Rubbed Bronze( retails for about $6.50). I am obsessed with this spray paint and have done other upgrades with it ( exterior light fixture, mailbox).So I trusted my spray paint to lead the way and just applied three thin and even coats to all of my hardware I placed on a cardboard box so I could pierce the parts and have them stand up. If you apply thin and even coats they won’t be messy and thick, and they’ll cure very strongly, which will greatly reduce any issues with things like flaking or peeling down the line.

About an hour later (I probably waited 20 minutes between each of my coats, just to be sure it was nice and cured before piling more on) I was left with these guys:

I probably waited six full hours after my last coat of spray paint before reinstalling the hardware. Just to give them a lot of time to fully cure and ensure that I wouldn’t scratch something while putting them back on the door. I have to say I was a little nervous about reinstalling ( after all I wanted to be able to lock my front door) , but it went really smoothly and everything works just as well as it used to and nothing was scratched.

About the hinges; I didn’t remove them. The door was too heavy for me to hold and install the hinges at the same time. I used lots of masking tape and pieces of cardboard to prevent  spray paint from getting on the door. Not the most ideal solution, but you work with what you got.Frontdoor19

This project didn’t cost me anything since I used leftover spray paint and sand paper. I did some research and learned that a new bronze front door knob, a dead bolt and three hinges cost  $70+. Not a bad upgrade for zero $$$.

I still want to paint the front door but haven’t decided on the color yet. I really like this: red brick, black shutters, blue door.

Source: Pinterest

 I’d love to know, what are your thoughts on this door color?

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