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DIY: Modern Mouse Pad

diy mouse pad

diy mouse padAlthough laptops have long surpassed desktops in sales, I still prefer using a desktop. I like the bigger keyboard and screen a desktop offers. Even if I had a lap top, it would stay on my desk as I cannot get work done sitting on a couch or bed. That being said, a mouse and a mouse pad are part of a desktop set up.

Since my old mouse pad wasn’t very inspirational and was looking kind of blah, I decided to make it more modern and fun. Here’s how I did it.

diy mouse padSupplies: old mouse pad or foam, Mod Podge, fabric, brush.diy mouse pad


Apply Mod Podge to mouse pad and spread it evenly. Lay your fabric face down, then place your mouse pad on top. Apply firm pressure and smooth out any bumps. You can sew around the edges using your sewing machine, like I did. This will help keep your fabric from fraying, but it’s not necessary.diy mouse pad

DIY mouse padI was on a roll so I made two. I used faux leather for this mouse pad. I also decorated it with my “hello” phrase. A Sharpie works just fine.diy mouse padMy new and improved mouse pads brighten my work area and still look professional.

P.S. My fabric came from ZeroLandfill, an upcycling program that supports the supply needs of local artists and educators while reducing pressure on local landfill capacity. If you have a chapter in your city, you really need to check it out. 🙂

Super Easy Planter

Here’s an easy and cheap project anyone can do. With just a few pieces of leftover wood, I built this little planter. This is a great project to get rid of leftover wood. I stained mine, but you can paint it or just leave it the way it is. Size is also optional (my squares are 12×11).

About my plant:
About two months ago I was returning a few items at Lowes when I noticed this plant sitting in the corner at customer service. The plant looked dry and pretty much dead. I asked the cashier if the plant is going in the trash and she said ‘yes’ since a customer returned it and they can’t put it back on the shelf. I am a sucker for plants and I hate to see them die. I offered to take the plant home. All it needed was water and sunlight. This plant is a beauty and I am glad I ‘found her.’