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Power Washing Brick, Cement & Wood + GIVEAWAY

***This post is sponsored by Greenworks Tools. All opinions are 100% mine.***

Pressure Washer

I was busy last weekend. Very busy. I found my new favorite tool and I couldn’t stop using it. I power washed cement, brick and wood using the Greenworks Tools  1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer,  which blasted through grime and stains and restored the surfaces.

greenworks pressure washer

The main reason I needed a pressure washer was for this section of my driveway. A few months back, I spray painted a piece of furniture. I covered the surface well (or so I thought) but paint got on it and looked really bad.

pressure washer

The pressure washer cut through all the paint stains. I was so thrilled with the results.

Greenworks pressure washer

It also got rid of the green, dingy stuff.

pressure washer

Here’s my AC unit before and after. Keep in mind, I didn’t need to use any chemicals… only water and pressure.

Pressure Washer

I had never used a pressure washer before, but hooking up this little machine was super simple.


I connected the garden hose to the pressure washer intake.


You can choose from two spray tips. The green narrow tip provides strong pressure and is perfect for removing dirt and grime from surfaces.

greenworks pressure washer

Greenworks Pressure washer

The white wide tip creates the widest area of cleaning with relatively low pressure. This tip is great for cleaning delicate surfaces such as windows and cars. I connected the high pressure hose to the machine and pressure washer gun. Once that was done, I turned on the water and ran the water hose for 30 seconds with the motor in OFF position. This helped drain air from the tank and lines.

greenworksIMPORTANT: Make sure water outlet is ON before turning power on to avoid damage to the pump.

pressure washer

Besides the paint splatter, I didn’t know my driveway was dirty until I started power washing. I was so impressed, I couldn’t stop cleaning. My advice, wear old clothes as you will get wet and dirty. I even had dirt all over my face.

pressure washer

But it’s ok because my walkway now looks clean and inviting.greenworks

greenworksPower washing the deck board by board made a huge difference.


The Greenworks Pressure Washer comes with a detergent tank, which allows you to add a cleaning solution to pressure. As I said earlier, I didn’t need any extra chemicals. Water and pressure worked together like a charm.


Sometimes you don’t even notice how dirty things are until you power wash.

Pressure Washer

This machine is pretty impressive. Amazing, I tell you. It’s really a satisfying feeling to watch the gunk blow away.

I love that this pressure washer is not bulky and I can move it around by myself. It’s also quiet and easy to store.  I love the trigger handle which has a gripping surface that provides added control of the spray wand and helps reduce fatigue in your hands.

The Greenworks 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer did everything it was supposed to do. My deck, brick and cement are clean. I didn’t need a more powerful gas machine. Also, I’m fan on electric equipment. The cord doesn’t bother me at all.


I’m very happy with my Greenworks Electric Mower. I bought it in March of this year and have used it once or twice per week. The mower is so light and powerful and I don’t have to deal with getting and pouring gasoline, sparks plugs, pulling to start, loud noise, gasoline smells, etc. All I do is push a button.

Greenworks Tools has some of the best corded and cordless tools in the industry. To learn more about their products, visit greenworkstools.com.

I’m now sort of addicted to this pressure washer. Next weekend I’ll be washing the windows.

Fall is a great time to power wash your deck, outdoor furniture, siding, playground equipment, etc. You don’t want a layer of snow trap algae, dirt and leaves on your house. That’s why the nice folks at Greenworks are giving one lucky reader the chance to win this awesome pressure washer.

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WORX Electric Pole Saw – Designed with a Woman in Mind


worx pole sawI was a Badass Momma on Saturday, if I do say so myself. Not only did I feed my child a killer homemade chicken noodle soup and green smoothie for lunch, I also trimmed several trees in my front and back yard.  Not all the way to the top… just certain parts. Like the branches that grew over my roof and dumped a bunch of leaves in my gutters.The parts that hung over my neighbor’s fence. Or branches that looked broken or dead.

worx pole sawKeep in mind I am only 5’2. However, I was able to do this with the WORX  10′ Electric Pole Saw.worx pole sawMy back yard.worx pole sawworx pole sawFirst let me start by saying that this was my first time using a chain saw/pole saw. I didn’t want a gas model … just something small for occasional use. I was very impressed.  The WORX pole saw is small, lightweight, and easy to use.  It is perfect for what I need it for, and the extension pole is great for reaching the higher tree limbs that need to be trimmed, and they can be reached from the ground.  worx pole sawworx pole sawworx pole sawNext, I cleared away thick undergrowth. What a tough little chain saw! Took hardly any time at all to get it done.worx pole sawworx pole sawworx pole sawAssembly was easy, straight forward and quick. worx pole sawOk, this was the annoying part. As a beginner I didn’t know chain oil was required. I had to drop everything and run to Home Depot to get a quart. I think a small bottle should have been included for newbies like me. But, you live and learn.worx pole sawworx pole sawworx pole sawI gave the saw a good work out at different lengths out to its maximum reach of 10′ feet and it performed 100%. It did a fine job in trimming the branches at any of the lengths. At full extension it can be a little heavy and trickier to control but still manageable. Once you get to cutting you can still maintain control of the product. When I was done, it was easy to remove the chain and bar and clean them up properly for storage. I would highly recommend this saw for the majority of homeowners who just don’t need a full size chain saw all the time.

And ladies, with the WORX saw you no longer have to wait on your hubby to do the yard work. This is a product designed with a woman in mind.

Another WORX power tool that looks interesting to me is their WORX 20 40-Volt Lithium Cordless Hedge Trimmer.

***I received this product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine.***

***Post contains affiliate links.***