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I did it! – I painted the exterior of my house

***I received a HomeRight product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.***

homerightcollagemainSince purchasing my home in 2014, I have worked hard on many projects. The most time-consuming project by far was refinishing the hardwood floors by myself. Talking about sweat equity! There was more than just sweat involved. How about sweat-blood-bruises equity? Anyway, even though the work was hard, I was very happy with the outcome. I also saved thousands of dollars.

Three months ago, I decided to give the exterior a face lift. The old paint was chipping and I never cared for the yellowish/beige exterior paint the house came with. As with all my projects, I researched the heck out of exterior painting. It’s a big job, to say the least, but someone’s gotta do it. Prep work – which includes pressure washing, scraping off old paint, caulking, priming – is sooo long, but it needs to get done or your paint job is a big waste of time and money.benregal7

I was so happy when HomeRight graciously sent over their Titanium Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer to help me speed up my painting process. And boy, did it help!homeright3I wasn’t able to use the sprayer for the trim, but it worked like magic on my aluminum siding. I had never used a paint sprayer before this project but I had no issue using this one. What I love about the HomeRight Titanium Sprayer is the easy set up. You just take it out of the box and you are ready to go in just minutes.homerightcollage1

Step 1: Put a few drops of oil in the two spots on the underside of the unit.

Step 2: Fill the cup with paint or stain. I thinned my paint a little.

Step 3: Attach the cup with paint back on.

Step 4: Twist the dial on the back of the unit to adjust the amount of paint you want to come out. I went sort of in the middle since I didn’t want paint on my brick.

Step 5: Plug the unit in and practice on a piece of cardboard.homerightcollage2Now you are ready to go.

hoemright14homerightcollagehoemright7homeright30It took about 30 minutes to spray the side of the house. It would have taken me hours to do the same job using a paintbrush.

Here’s the house before the paint job.NewHouse2

After:ExteriorPaintI also painted the shutters and the front door.



After:house paint

homeright5FabRugFinal4 I wish I would have had the paint sprayer when I stained my deck. deck9I spent hours on my knees applying the stain. Never again!

Painting the exterior of a house sounds intimidating to most people – but it’s doable – with patience, hard work, and the right tools.  You will save thousands of dollars, and more so, the pride you feel after accomplishing such a huge task, is priceless.

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16′ WERNER Ladder Helps With Exterior Painting & Fits In My Prius

***I received a product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.***

wernermain2Since we moved into our current home, I have tackled a few projects here and there. I replaced the drywall in the bathroom, refinished the hardwood floors, painted every interior wall, door and trim, stained the kitchen cabinets and the deck, etc. It was only a matter of time before I was ready to take on exterior painting. I couldn’t have done it without my favorite ladder, which also happens to be my only ladder. Yep, most of my projects were completed standing on a kitchen chair until my daughter found a 4′ wood ladder on the side of the road. Hey, ladders are expensive.

I was beyond happy when the nice folks at WERNER sent over a 16′ Compact Extension Ladder to help me out with my paint job. I was very happy!

My tweet that day:

It’s true, I prefer this ladder over jewelry. I have way more uses for a ladder than a diamond necklace.

With my  WERNER ladder I have been able to wash the exterior, scrape of old paint, caulk, prime and paint.  I also cleaned the gutters while I was up there.werner2This is the WERNER 16′ Compact Extension Ladder. The ladder has three sections which means it reduces down to only 6 feet (instead of 8 feet) when it’s time to be put away. The two less feet in height  make a big difference when you’re transporting it and make it easier to store.werner6What I really like is this built-in carry handle. werner3I’m not a big person, but this handle makes it super easy to carry. Besides, the aluminum ladder is lightweight.werner7Will you look at this? I just put a 16′ ladder in my Prius.

I am not a ladder expert; just a mom who is determined to make a nice home for her kids. But at the end of the day I know which product works for me and what doesn’t. If you’re looking for an extension ladder, go with this one. If I can maneuver and carry this ladder, so can you. I didn’t feel safe on my wobbly 4′ wood ladder and during the holidays I had to borrow my neighbor’s ladder to hang up the Christmas lights. Not anymore! Here’s a sneak-peak at the BEFORE & AFTER of the exterior. It’s far from being done, but I am making progress. This was the exterior when we moved in. ExteriorPaintI just finished painting the front of the house. I painted the shutters and front door, and got rid of the storm door. I also painted the awning and spray painted the light fixtures and mailbox. Oh wait, I even painted the storm windows. Yep, it’s how we roll!doorpaint11In the next few weeks I’ll be posting a lot more details about my painting project.


***Many thanks to WERNER for providing this great product.