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Iconic T-Shirt & Thrift Store Jeans

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logo shirt

logo shirt

sweetheart jeans

canvas sneakers

Logo shirt

logo shirt

Years ago, I lived in New York. Fresh out of my German high school, I enrolled in an Au Pair program, which led me to the Big Apple. Boy, did I love the city! For an entire year, I explored and explored. I couldn’t get enough of this place… it was almost like a drug that always pulled me back in. I needed to see everything.

This summer, my daughter Christy interned in New York. She, too, fell in love with the city that never sleeps. Guess where she is moving after college?

For now, Christy is back in college…ready to take on her senior year. Before she left New York, I asked her to get me the iconic I LOVE NY t-shirt. I had one just like that back in the days. It was one of my favorite t-shirts and I wore into the ground.

With summer winding down, it’s time for long pants again. I’ve missed them. We can wear them again without dying of a heat stroke. I paired the logo shirt with a pair of Old Navy Sweetheart jeans I found at Goodwill. (similar jeans here).  I love everything about these jeans. I love the length, the wash, the price ($1 crazy, right?!) and the slight flare. They’re also stretchy and soft. Raise your hand if you’re starting to get tired of skinny jeans?

I don’t like to wear anything too crazy and prefer sticking to more subtle tones. I also love worn-in belts and have worn them since  middle school. The Mad Love white lace up canvas sneakers add a nice classic touch and look better once they’ve acquired a little grit.

Do you like logo shirts? Have a great week! xo Sabine

Pretty Blouses For Fall

favorite blouse



Before my daughter, Christy, moved to New York for the summer, she needed to get rid of some of her old clothes. One item I kept her was her navy blouse. It’s casual, classy, and stylish.  I like this particular style because it’s flattering for women my age. It’s a little longer in the back, and the 3/4 length sleeve is flattering on my arms.

Blouses are that universal clothing piece that you can wear in any season and for pretty much every occasion. From day to night you can nail a blouse with the right accessories, shoes, pants or skirts. Blouses are dressy, fresh, and can look super stylish. It’s always good to have a least one white blouse in your wardrobe.

A great button-down pulls everything together: It’s always office-appropriate, but with a quick sleeve roll and collar pop, it’s the picture of weekend ease. I like to wear mine tucked into my mid rise jeans or over leggings.

A tab sleeved blouse with jeans is a fall staple.  So simple, yet stylish and cool. When you find one you love, get it in multiple colors.

Shopping Options:

Olive / Boyfriend Silhoutte/ Convertable Sleeve Blouse


What type of shirts do you like? 


***Post contains affiliate links.**

Cuddl Duds – How To Layer With Style


All of a sudden, it’s fall in Nashville! Yes, just like that. Last week, temperatures were at 92, the next morning we woke up to chilly 48 degrees.

cuddle duds

Many of us look forward to fall more than any other season. The trees are changing to a wide range of colors and the air is crisp ; it just makes me smile to think about it. October and November are lovely in Nashville. The perfect months for wearing comfortable layers.

cuddle duds
cuddl duds

This fall, Cuddl Duds is inspiring you to “Go Comfy”–to be comfortable and confident through every part of your day with Cuddl Duds ultra-soft and stylish layers.

Cuddl Duds is available at Kohl’s where I found crew tops, v-necks, leggings, socks, hats, and much more.

cuddle duds

I love that I can wear my SoftWear Leggings and Long Sleeve FlexFit Crew Shirt on my early morning walks, while running errands, or just lounging around the house.

cuddle duds

cuddl duds


cuddle duds

The best part about Cuddl Duds is that I can mix and match with everything in the closet. The Cuddl Duds leggings are so smooth and comfy to the skin. I like pairing them with my black boots and a long sweater. It’s a stylish yet comfortable look.

In the winter, I’ll be wearing the leggings under my sweats and jeans. This extra layer will help me keep warm and insulated.

cuddle duds


cuddle duds

Cuddl Duds products are great for lounging around the house. They are perfectly lightweight but warm, soft and comfortable. The black Softwear Stretch Leggings are my favorite pair of leggings.  I can understand why some ladies wear these to bed. For a casual look at home, I wear the leggings with a simple white t-shirt and a men’s button-down.

cuddle duds

I’m already a big fan of Cuddl Duds products. I know these are the pieces I’ll reach to over and over again and wear them underneath everything. This brand is all about cuddly, cozy and comfy – who doesn’t want that?!