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Drink Up – Juicing Brings Your Energy and Well Being Back

Whenever I feel stressed or run down, I reach for the juicer. My body usually runs like a well-maintained machine, but once in a while I feel achy and tired due to stress, lack of sleep, and not so healthy eating.

Juicing is a great way to get plenty of fruits and vegetables into our bodies and after drinking a glass of fresh juice, I feel so much more energized.

This week I decided to give my body a break and juice a different type of juice every day. I started with a Green Juice. I like to add an apple for a hint of sweetness. Instead of spinach you can use kale.



1 Green Apple

Half a Cucumber

Handful of Spinach

Handful of Parsley


I am always looking for new juicing recipes. Do you have any? I would love to hear from you.