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Taylor Swift and Other Nashville Celebrities

If you’re reading my posts, you know that I’m still fairly new to Nashville. I actually live just outside of Nashville in a city called Hendersonville. Recently, I did some research because I wanted to know which celebrities live (or used to live) in the same area as I do. Here is a list of famous folks who actually live (d) just a couple of blocks from me.

Taylor Swift: She used to live here with her parents in a pretty house by the lake. Now she lives in a high-rise next to Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Hayden Panettiere, from the show “Nashville” lives in the same building as well.

Kelly Clarkson: She’s great. Once in a while people spot her at Target and Wal-Mart.
Gary Allan: He has a gorgeous house by the lake.

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash: They used to live around the corner from us, but now they are buried in this city. Johnny Cash’s house burned down a few years ago and it’s still yellow-tagged. It’s a massive estate on the lake.

Brad Paisley: Used to live here, but moved to the south side of Nashville.

Unlike in Los Angeles, in Nashville, celebrities are not mobbed by the paparazzi. They can just lead normal lives; bring their kids to school, go shopping, or dining. In fact, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are often spotted at Whole Foods or the local mall, but people just let them go about their private lives.

For sure very different from Los Angeles or New York!

Image Credit:fanpop.com

10 Things I Love About Nashville

Before I moved to Nashville I lived in Los Angeles and New York. I have to say that for me Nashville wins over the City of Angels and the Big Apple.

Here are just some of the reasons I love Nashville.

1.“Welcome to Music City” is the first thing you read when you get off the plane at Nashville’s International airport. Immediately, you feel happy to be here. Way to go, Nashville!

2.Speaking of music, Nashville lives and breathes it. Music is everywhere; at any time, on any given day. And not just country music.

3.Nashville’s topography is stunning. We have lakes, rolling hills, rivers, tons of trees with gorgeous blossoms, etc.

4.People in Nashville are genuinely kind. They talk to you and they actually care about what you say. I have never seen so many friendly cashiers, waiters, sales people, etc. in one place.

5.Cost of living. How did we ever survive in L.A. and New York? People in Nashville don’t have to be rich to buy a home for their family. I should have moved here years ago.

6.During Christmas time Opryland is so beautiful. There are over one million lights hung all over the property. It’s truly magical.

7.No state tax. Need I say more?

8.Vanderbilt University. I don’t just love it because my daughter goes there but because the campus is pretty and so traditional. It’s fun to just walk around there and soak in the slower pace of life Nashville offers.

9.The Pancake Pantry is a family-run restaurant that makes the best pancakes. Whenever we eat there we feel ten pounds heavier and swear we won’t eat for the next two days. Nope, never happens.

10.YMCA. Yes, you read it here. Nashville has the best YMCA I have ever seen in my life. It’s state-of-the-art, super clean, and of course, run by a bunch of friendly people who greet me by my name.

So there you have it. Ten things I love about Nashville. There are plenty more reasons why I love living in Nashville. Maybe I’ll write about them in my future posts.