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Five Projects To Do This Spring

Spring is here and I’ve noticed that my readers are starting to search my archives for warmer weather projects. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my older spring-related projects you might want to try this season.

#1. This DIY wood planter adds so much character to my front door. It was an easy built using leftover fence wood.

DIY Wood Planter

This Williams-Sonoma planter was my inspiration but way out of my price range.

#2. Painting the front door made a huge difference to my home’s curb appeal. It’s such an easy and inexpensive fix. I used this door paint and it’s holding up great. I highly recommend it.

Front Door Makeover


front door

#3. Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s time to pull out those hoses. Why not build this easy hose holder? Much better than having the hose sit in the dirt, don’t you think? I used scrap wood I had around the house. Be creative and use whatever works for you.

DIY Hose Holder

#4. I find pressure washing my property highly addictive. Now it’s dirty, the next second it’s clean. Once you see the difference, you can’t stop. This electric pressure washer is lightweight and powerful. Read my full review here.
power washing

#5. Last year, I built this $4 super simple, raised garden bed. Trust me, it doesn’t get easier (or cheaper) than this. I’m excited to make more.

DIY Raised Garden Bed



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Spring Refresh

Spring RefreshSpringSpring Refreshspring refreshspringSpring Refreshspring refreshSpring Refreshspring refreshspring refresh spring refresh

spring refresh Spring is finally here and I decided to “refresh” my decor… just a few simple and inexpensive changes around the house. I got rid of the white snowflake and sweater pillows and replaced them with some “happy” spring colors. I bought inexpensive fabric and curtains at Goodwill and created several new envelope style pillow cases. My total cost for five pillow cases was around $5.

I also gave two kitchen table chairs a makeover. A couple of months back I was at an estate sale. Since it was late in the day, the lady working there just gave them to me for free. It was “either me or trash” she said. I gave them a fresh coat of paint and replaced the old fabric with a single panel curtain.

I have also done a ton of work outside. Mowing, pruning, planting, cleaning, etc. It’s a lot of work but I don’t mind because it feels so good to be outside. When I am outside I totally lose track of time. It feels good getting stuff done and I always sleep like a baby.

The craziest thing happened to me yesterday. I was in the garage doing laundry. When I turned around to go back in the house, I saw a big snake right behind me. It was big and black. Terrified as I was, I ran for the door and tried to kick it open. This didn’t go as planned. I fell backwards and ended up with bruises and cuts. I must have looked like a crazy woman in there. I finally managed to get in the house and I think I had a small panic attack. Once I calmed down I called Animal Control but they don’t take care of snakes. Finally, my friendly neighbor came over with a shovel but unfortunately  he couldn’t find the snake. Yikes! I’m never doing laundry again. He did tell me the snake I saw was a Black Racer snake. Apparently a very common non-venomous type in Tennessee.

(photo courtesy of animalspot.net)

Can you imagine seeing this  behind you while taking care of laundry? Not okay!!!

Anyways, I hope your spring is happy, fresh, and colorful. Have you been enjoying the outside much? Is it warm where you are?



You Know It’s Spring When…

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ColgateCollageYes, it’s high spring here in Nashville and I feel as if I am waking up from hibernation. According to the Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index (AWSSI), Nashville is one of the “10 Bleakest Cities of 2015″ after suffering through harsh winter conditions. But it’s over now. Days are finally getting longer and temperatures are beginning to rise. The light intensity stimulates my metabolism and increases the production of the happiness hormone, serotonin. It’s true, the other day I went on a walk and was overwhelmed with happiness. Pink, white and yellow blossoms are everywhere and just looking at them makes me happy. It’s finally time to put away the heavy winter coats and show more skin.

                                                                         It’s time for spring fever!colgate1Spring time awakens new life and energy. It is a time of new beginnings – a great time to take on new projects.  I have so many projects lined up – inside, outside, everywhere – I don’t even know where to begin.

What I love about spring is that we can smell it. In the winter, everything that we could smell in nature, was frozen. With increasing temperatures, the scent molecules are released again and swirl around.  Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-cut grass and the sweet scent of a fragrant flower?

Since the body releases fewer sleep hormones (melatonin) in the spring, we feel stronger and more fit.  I love exercising outside and it’s easier to lose weight in the spring. Spring is a wonderful time to move more. No gym? Not necessary in the spring. Ride a bike, walk more or run. Mowing the lawn is also a great workout.ColgateCollage2There is more variety on the menu. We can grow our own produce again and look forward to more fresh fruits and vegetables. My favorite vegetables these days are leeks and asparagus. I eat them almost every day. Just saute  asparagus,  leeks, and mushrooms in olive oil, add cooked linguine,  parsley, pepper and salt.  You’ve just made a delicious and healthy meal bursting with flavor.

colgate3Spring cleaning doesn’t just pertain to the house. During the cold winter months, my skin gets neglected. So in the spring, I like to “spring clean” my skin, making it fresh.

Homemade Coconut Oil Scrub with Tea Tree

Homemade Coconut Oil Scrub with Tea Tree

My homemade Coconut Oil Scrub with Tea Tree Oil is wonderful for scrubbing away ‘winter’. It gets your skin ready for a cute spring dress or even a bikini (gulp).

colgate26Finally – it’s warm enough to sit on the deck and eat the first ice cream. My son and I did just that the other day. He was thrilled to have two different flavors of ice cream in a sugary cone. Ice cream is my all time favorite treat. I can never say ‘no’ to plain vanilla in a cone. It’s how I love my ice cream. But if you have sensitive teeth like me, eating ice cream can be a painful experience. I have had sensitive teeth since I was 19. It’s no fun, let me tell you. Anything ice-cold touching my teeth makes my face cringe.colgate16newI am happy to tell you that I have found relief. When I was grocery shopping at Kroger, I picked up  the Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush and Sensitivity Pen.colgate6Kroger has a pretty impressive selection of dental products, but you can find the  Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush and Sensitivity Pen at other Kroger banner stores.colgate8colgate4The Actis Enamel Pen blocks sensitivity at the source of pain. Simply brush, apply, and go.colgate23newAfter using this toothbrush and pen for five days, I have noticed  less sensitivity. That’s because with continued use the formula builds a barrier, making teeth less prone to sensitivity. I also love the toothbrush portion because it’s designed with ultra soft bristles, which is great for my sensitive teeth.colgate27colgateIf you avoid cold treats because you have sensitive teeth or if you cringe and bear it (like I used to do), you may want to try the Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush and Sensitivity Pen. I have never tried anything quite like this pen and I am happy  to report that I will be eating lots of ice cream this spring and summer, pain-free.

If you decide to do so, check your local Kroger and Kroger banner stores for digital coupons for the Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush and Sensitivity Pen.


Now it’s your turn.

You know it’s spring when…