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DIY Sharpie Pillow

IndiePillowMainHere’s an easy way to update a white pillow case. All you need is a sharpie, rubbing alcohol, ruler, medicine dropper or q-tip. I made my pillow case with two pieces of old fabric because my pillow was not your standard size. Of course, you can also do this with a t-shirt, cloth napkin, table cloth, etc.

IndiepillowI used a black sharpie. I like the indigo/purple/black color you get using a black sharpie. Indiepillow16I drew several lines. The thicker the lines, the better you’ll see the circles.

Indiepillow15More drops of alcohol mean larger circles. I did one or two drops for each circle.

Indiepillow12Isn’t this pretty? It reminds me of water coloring in 3rd grade.

Indiepillow10The color reminds me a bit of my dark blue Nail Polish Marbling.IndiePillow4Since alcohol and heat don’t mix well, I waited a few hours before I ironed the sharpie pillow case to seal the color. This keeps the sharpie from “bleeding” in the wash.

Have you made anything using a sharpie and rubbing alcohol? I’d love to hear from you.