Twitty City: Conway Twitty’s Mansion & Gardens

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Conway Twitty’s mansion, Twitty City,  is located in Hendersonville, TN  20 minutes north of Nashville. It was his home until his death in 1993. Many of the country stars throughout the years have built beautiful homes in Hendersonville. Johnny Cash’s home was located around the corner but burned to the ground a few years back. It appears one of the Bee Gee’s bought it and while work was being done, it caught on fire and poof, it was gone.

The story was, that Conway Twitty’s four adult children did not get along with wife number three and when Conway died there was a huge fight and many lawsuits. As always, no one wins and the home, recording studio, the  kids’ homes, his mom’s house, located behind Conway’s mansion, were all sold.

Turns out Trinity Music City, USA purchased the entire complex for their live studio audience taping that are televised and special concerts that are held there. The venue holds church services on Sundays, as well as concerts featuring religious music and attractions.

Twitty City has a magical light display during the Christmas season. trinityThe kids and I visit every year  so this was my first visit during summer and in broad daylight. I was hoping for a tour of the mansion, unfortunately, tours aren’t available during the summer. Tours of the mansion and gardens are free and are offered Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm.

I was still able to walk the gorgeous grounds and take lots of pictures. This place is dreamy. I truly think Twitty City is a potential “gold mine”. You just don’t see places like this anymore. Graceland is so commercialized compared to Conway’s former estate. If you are ever in Hendersonville, TN be sure to drop by One Music Village Blvd for a wonderful experience.

24 thoughts on “Twitty City: Conway Twitty’s Mansion & Gardens

  1. It looks incredible…..From the garden designs to the water falls…the mansion…So sad his family are not still living there…they certainly should be…It looks like it was well planned out, the homes…To think he built this for his family and they were booted out…So sad..

    1. Norah, it is a beautiful place. I visit every year. During Christmas, it’s magical. I agree, it’s sad that his family couldn’t keep the property. He built it for them.

    1. Linda, I believe everything is shut down now… gift store, mansion tours, bistro… However, you can still walk around the beautiful gardens. Also, the mansion is completely empty now.

  2. I had no idea Twitty City was even gone. I went there with my family during the summer before going to 8th grade and don’t remember much from that trip other than Conway Twitty waving at me as he was driving out of the complex. Since Virginia Tech pays for its tenured employees to go to Dollywood every year, I thought we could swing on over to Twitty City during the trip. Flabbergasted and sad that his property was sold. Maybe I’ll just drive past it for purposes of Nostalgia.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s hard to believe Conway used to actually live there. This place is both gorgeous and sad, in my opinion. Yes, do come by and visit. I bet it will bring back lots of memories.

    2. If you plan on doing that you need to do so my understanding is that the complex is going to be destroyed

  3. I was there last year. its all empty and closed down. You can still walk the grounds. If some of the gates are open in back, sneak in and snap a few pics..

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