Upcycle: Board and Batten with Leftover Faux Wood Blinds

It all started with faux wood blinds. A few months ago, I bought two sets of faux wood blinds at ReStore for just $6 each. I saved a ton of money buying them used. At Lowe’s, the same blinds cost around $40 each. The blinds were perfect, except they were a tad too long. I figured out how to shorten them and ended up with a bunch of leftover faux wood pieces. I just couldn’t get myself to throw them away. My first thought was to make several white frames, but instead I came up with the backsplash idea.I have grown tired of waiting for my subway tile backsplash – Not enough funds, not enough time. In the meantime, I am happy with the faux wood blinds board and batten backsplash. To be honest, I didn’t want thick pieces of wood sticking out too far anyways.

I stained the kitchen cabinets with Java gel stain after we moved in. I did the same with my bathroom vanity. The cabinets are solid wood, but I didn’t care for the light brown color. Appliances are older, but work just fine for now. My motto – don’t get rid of things if they still work. 

I primed and painted the faux blinds and the wall with leftover paint.

I used liquid nails to attach the blinds to the wall.  It’s also easy to cut the blinds using a utility knife. No saw required.

The project didn’t cost me anything since I already had everything from previous projects.

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21 thoughts on “Upcycle: Board and Batten with Leftover Faux Wood Blinds

  1. Great job! I have a ton of these wood blinds I took down, but didn’t have the heart to part with. Maybe I will try this, or cut them and place them side by side to look like real planks in an older kitchen, maybe in my front bath too! Thanks for the inspiration, and again Great Job!

    1. Thank, Kathy.Putting the blinds side by side is a great idea. I would have done that if I had more. Thanks for dropping by and commenting… it makes my day.

  2. Great idea! Also could be recycled for updating the look of kitchen cabinet fronts. The thin wood of the faux blinds would not weigh down the cabinet front & with a little joining of their edges, it would give plain cabinet fronts a more finished look with trim.

    1. Holly, that is a great idea. There are so many uses for materials that sometimes just end up in the trash. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love this idea. I used th same stile of blinds for garden markers. But, yours is a fantastic idea and pretty cheap. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I LOVE the Cabinets! Do u have a before and after? I can’t afford a kitchen redo, and this will do the trick! What brand of Java Gel? THANKS, it’s all so clever!

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