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DIY: Cucumber Sugar Scrub

A few months ago I blogged about how much I like my homemade Coconut Scrub with Tea Tree Oil. And I still love it. Over the summer, I have experimented with different ingredients I could add and found that I love cucumber in my water as well as in my scrub.  The cucumber in the…

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By Sabine, August 10, 2015
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Sweet Kugel

She did it again! A couple of weeks ago, my daughter, Christy, made this delicious Pull-Apart Cinnamon Bread. Yesterday, she surprised us with a Kugel, a Jewish noodle dish with a sweet cottage cheese filling.I am glad I took the photos when I did, because the Kugel is already gone. The name alone – Noodle Kugel…

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By Sabine, July 22, 2015

Homemade Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread

I love freshly baked bread. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bagel, whole wheat bread or a french baguette,  I don’t discriminate. So, when my daughter Christy decided to bake this cinnamon bread, my mouth watered just thinking about it. This bread is amazing! It’s crispy on the oustside, fluffy and soft inside. It’s  sweet…

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By Sabine, July 7, 2015
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