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Estate Sale Tips & Treasures

After our move I became interested in estate sales. To me, they are much more exciting than stores since you never know what you’ll find at an estate sale. Estate sales don’t always mean that the previous owners have died. That’s frequently true, but sometimes they’re simply downsizing or moving on to another situation such…

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By Sabine, May 15, 2014
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Reel Push Mower = Exercise, Eco-Friendly Environment & More

In recent years, terms like “eco-friendly” and “going green” have become buzz words on the internet, in media, and print. But in reality, people have been guarding the planet’s health for generations. When it was time to purchase my first lawn mower ever, I did some research – actually, a lot of research. I wanted…

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By Sabine, May 5, 2014
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Make Your Own Foundation Powder

I usually don’t wear much make up, but when I do I like to use a loose powder or mineral powder foundation. The least expensive powder foundation that I have seen so far sells for about $6 per tiny jar. Most of them sell for $10 and up and are full of ingredients I can’t…

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By admin s, October 2, 2013
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