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DIY Christmas Tree from Twigs

  • November 25, 2014
  • By Sabine

The past couple of weeks, the weather in Nashville has been all over the place. We have had snow, rain, freezing temperatures, warm temperatures and lots of wind.  As a result, Mother Nature provided some beautiful craft materials in the way of twigs, pine cones, leaves and acorns.

So I figured I needed to put these beautiful things to good use and cook up some creative ideas for the holidays. I have managed to make a simple white wreath


and an Advent wreath – just in time for 1. Advent on November 30th.


Here’s my latest project: a twig Christmas tree. I started with two pieces of old fence wood which I attached with screws. I sanded the pieces and white washed them by mixing a small amount of white paint with water.

Next, I cut a few twigs and used Liquid Glue to attach them to the wood. Hot glue gun just didn’t do it for the thicker twigs.

A few tiny twigs and some white spray paint is all it took to create this star.

I figured these acorn caps would make cute ornaments.

I spray painted them white, silver and gold and hot glued them to the tree.

That’s all it took to make this natural, earthy and inexpensive Christmas decoration.

By Sabine, November 25, 2014
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