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DIY: Cucumber Sugar Scrub

  • August 10, 2015
  • By Sabine


A few months ago I blogged about how much I like my homemade Coconut Scrub with Tea Tree Oil. And I still love it. Over the summer, I have experimented with different ingredients I could add and found that I love cucumber in my water as well as in my scrub.  The cucumber in the scrub is cooling and soothes the skin. The oil (I used olive oil since the scrub needs to be stored in the fridge and coconut oil hardens in the cold) hydrates the skin and makes it soft. I also added tea tree oil because it’s so refreshing.


1/2 cucumber

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 tbsp olive oil

5 drops of tea tree oil (optional)


1. Puree the cucumber in a blender until it’s a liquid.

2. Add the sugar, olive oil, and tea tree oil (optional). If the sugar is dissolving, add more.

3. Stir everything together and store in a  container.

It’s important to keep it refrigerated so it stays nice and fresh.


I use this scrub all over my body. It’s so refreshing! Try it – you’ll notice bright, smooth and soft skin!:)

By Sabine, August 10, 2015
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  • melodys100
    August 10, 2015

    I’m gonna make this tonight! I needed some way to scrub off the remnants of my peeling sun burn, haha.

    • sabines
      August 10, 2015

      This will be perfect for sunburned skin but next time use more sunblock. 🙂 I am saying this because I care!

  • Jami Sung
    January 11, 2016

    I love peppermint oil, it is invigorating. I think this will be good along with the cucumber. Love Diy body care.

  • Jami Sung
    January 22, 2016

    Will be making this, but with coconut oil, and using peppermint oil. Is it the same amount of the essential oil or less? I am assuming the same amount.

    • sabines
      January 22, 2016

      I love coconut oil and peppermint oil. I am sure the same amount will work fine.Enjoy 🙂

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