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DIY Dog Bed & Meet Billy

  • October 26, 2015
  • By Sabine
DIY Dog Bed & Meet Billy

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Billy is the youngest and smallest member of our family. We welcomed him to his forever home when he was only eight weeks old and he has been a great dog ever since. He is a Havanese/Maltese mix and weighs only six pounds, but you would never know it with his BIG attitude. He thinks he is the boss of our entire neighborhood. If he could, he’d chase every single car on the street. Seriously, he would try to outrun each car.

Billy is full of love and energy. He is the most enthusiastic  and affectionate dog I’ve ever met. He loves making eye contact with humans… I swear he understands everything I say. This little pooch is ALWAYS ready to play and cuddle. He loves being held and the second he is on your lap he curls into a tiny ball and gets comfy. Billy’s two favorite things are a good treat and a comfy doggie bed. Whenever he sees me carry his freshly washed bed and blankets he gets super excited.

After his walk, Billy always gets a snack. His favorite treat these days is the PURINA Beyond White Meat Chicken Cutlets Natural Dog Snacks. I love that chicken is the #1 ingredient and it doesn’t contain corn, wheat or soy.

Oh my goodness, Billy is crazy about this snack. He even sits for me (it’s the only trick he knows) when I hold up this treat. I like it that there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added. It’s also grain free.

Recently when I was at Target looking for cleaning supplies I picked up a bag of Purina Beyond Dog Snacks. They come in small batches and are crafted in Arkansas, USA. They are easy to find in the Natural Treats aisle.

Purina Beyond Snacks are a perfect addition to Billy’s daily routine, and because they are natural, I can feel good about giving him these treats all year around.

As I mentioned  earlier, in addition to yummy snacks, Billy is all about being comfy on something soft. Since his old bed was completely  chewed up, worn out, and flat as a pancake, I decided to make him a new dog bed – Something fluffy, washable, and cozy.

Let me show you how I did it.

              DIY DOG BED

You’ll need:

Fleece fabric or fleece blanket

Pillow stuffing



Sewing machine

diy dog bed

1. I bought a small $3 fleece blanket with cute paw prints and dog bones design.

2. Fold the blanket in half, measure out and mark your desired size. I measured 28 x 30 inches (almost too big for Billy). Cut out along where you’ve marked it. Draw a rectangle  in the middle of the piece you just cut, leaving approx. 5 inches on each side.

3. With your sewing machine follow and stitch the lines of your rectangle, leaving a small opening for the pillow stuffing.

4. Stuff the rectangle and close it with a few stitches.  I used the stuffing from two old pillows we no longer used.

5. Now it’s time to stitch together the leftover fabric on each side. Remember to always leave an opening for the stuffing. Once all four sides are stuffed, close the opening and let your pet enjoy. A wooden spoon or a long ruler help with getting in the stuffing to each corner.

Why not add a small pillow for extra comfort?

A good snack & comfy bed… Billy couldn’t be happier.

Is your pet as crazy about treats and comfy beds as Billy? I’d love it if you shared with us.

By Sabine, October 26, 2015
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