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DIY Mini Christmas Tree From Clippings

  • December 9, 2016
  • By Sabine
DIY Mini Christmas Tree From Clippings

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to show you how I made this mini tree from clippings. I love this craft because it was almost free to make. A few days ago, I bought a real Christmas tree at Lowe’s. On my way out, I grabbed a bunch of  fresh clippings  for around the house. They make the house smell so good and I like to use them for various holiday decor.

You’ll need:

Fresh clippings in various sizes

Foam brick

Craft wooden rods, bamboo sticks, or skinny tree branches

Floral wire


christmas tree from clippings

Step #1: Insert foam into the pot.

christmas tree

Step #2: Insert three sticks into the foam.

christmas tree clippings

Step #3: Place longer clippings on the bottom, going in between sticks.

christmas tree clippings

Step #4: About 1/3  of the way up, start inserting shorter clippings until you’ve reached the desired height. Mine is 14 inches in height (including the pot).

christmas tree clippings

Step #5: Tie the sticks together.

christmas tree

Step #5: To make the top more pointed, tie a few small clippings facing downwards.

christmas tree

Step #6: Cut off any excess sticks.

christmas clippings

Step #7: Decorate your tree. I wanted mine to look simple yet elegant so I added white ribbon and silver jingle bells.

clippings from tree

This mini tree would make a festive centerpiece, don’t you think?  I have no idea how long it will last, but I plan to spritz it with water frequently and hope it stays good for at least a little while.

Here are some more DIY Christmas tree ideas.

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By Sabine, December 9, 2016
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