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DIY Snowflake Pillow

  • November 13, 2015
  • By Sabine
DIY Snowflake Pillow

It’s November but it feels more like October here in Nashville. Although nights are cold, daytime temperatures are still high enough (72 degrees) to enjoy the outdoors. I am starting to get the house ready for the holidays, adding things like sweater pillows and candles to make the house more comfy. The other day I came across this great snowflake pillow tutorial by this very talented lady. Christine Kobzeff makes the cutest things and explains things so well. You have to check out her YouTube channel.

You’ll need wax paper to create a snowflake design. Here’s mine.

I used this shimmering silver spray which I found at an estate sale last year. You can use any color and any spray paint will do just fine.

The pillow case is a simple envelope style which I made with leftover fabric.

I really like the way this snowflake pillow turned out. It’s adds a nice subtle holiday touch to my decor. I think I’ll make a few more. What’s nice about this is that each snowflake design is unique and there is no right or wrong. Could also be a nice DIY holiday gift.

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet?

By Sabine, November 13, 2015
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