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DIY: Sock Pumpkins

  • September 14, 2015
  • By Sabine
DIY: Sock Pumpkins

On a recent stormy evening when my son was at his middle school dance, I did a little DIY. If you’re sort of familiar with my blog, you know that I like to incorporate items I already have at home.  To celebrate the beginning of fall, I made these sock pumpkins.

Here’s what you’ll need: old socks, pillow stuffing ( I recycled mine from an old pillow), sticks, thread and needle, glue or glue gun, scissors.

1. If you have a long sock, cut it in half. Turn the part with the two openings inside out and tie the top with thread.  Now you have two pieces to work with.

2. Stuff the sock with pillow stuffing. Next, take a needle and  VERY LONG thread and put it through both sides of the top of the sock.

3. Take the needle and stick it through the center of the pumpkin until you come out on the other side.

4. Wrap thread around pumpkin to create a ridge. After your first ridge, take needle and thread and stick it through the middle again. Repeat the process until you have four or five ridges.

5. Glue on the stick.

I think heavy-duty wool socks would have been perfect for this project. I just like the chunkier look. The socks I used were stretched out and thin. I keep finding more socks around the house so now  have enough to create an entire pumpkin patch. I think a chunky wool knit hat would be perfect for larger pumpkins.

These pumpkins would be great as a Thanksgiving center piece or even Halloween decor. Have a great week.:)

By Sabine, September 14, 2015
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