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DIY: Williams-Sonoma Inspired Wood Planter

  • June 29, 2015
  • By Sabine
DIY: Williams-Sonoma Inspired Wood Planter

My inspiration for this planter came from Williams-Sonoma. I really like the simple design of this planter – reclaimed wood, straight lines.

 Two things, the planter is no longer available (and even if it were, I couldn’t afford it), second, I have a big stash of reclaimed wood sitting around and the build for this planter seems pretty straightforward. Here is a similar planter sold by for $110.

So, on a hot, sunny weekend, I gathered my wood and tools and got to working on my reclaimed wood planter. I started with old fence wood. It seemed perfect for this project. Basically, I built two walls @16×16.Next, the third and fourth wall made a box. I pre-drilled my holes because I didn’t want the wood to split. I also used exterior screws to avoid rust. After I built the box, I gave it a good sanding.

You can leave the bottom open or add a couple of boards like I did. Or you can close the bottom entirely. Pretty easy, right? I didn’t stain the planter, however, I applied polyurethane in clear satin.

I am thinking of putting an evergreen in this planter.

By Sabine, June 29, 2015
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