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How to Get AT&T Upgrade Fee Waived

  • September 1, 2013
  • By admin s

I recently upgraded three of our cell phones. AT&T stuck me with an upgrade fee of $36 per phone. As you can imagine, I was pretty annoyed with their “upgrade fee.”

First I called the brick-and-mortar AT&T store where I purchased the phones. The gentlemen told me that it was impossible for him to waive the fee, but he suggested that I call customer service.
I called customer service just to find out that the fee cannot be waived “under no circumstances.” I asked to speak to a supervisor. I politely explained to him that I have been a loyal AT&T customer for more than two years, never late with a payment, and that I recently started my AT&T U-verse internet and cable service.

He reviewed my account and said that it was not even possible in his computer system to waive the fee. I didn’t relent and said that I needed something waived. After discussing the matter with his manager he was able to waive $40, which still left me with a $68 upgrade fee, but it’s better than nothing.

Please pardon my rant, but AT&T must not think I’m a valued customer when they slap me with an “upgrade” fee for the privilege of being a customer for another two years.

How to Get AT&T Upgrade Fee Waived

If you’ve never had your AT&T upgrade fee waived, just call in and ask or visit an actual store. When I signed up for AT&T U-verse, they slapped me with an activation and installation fee of $100. I walked in the store and politely asked if I can have them waived, and sure enough, they waived both on the spot. Even if you’ve had it waived before, call anyway.

You may have to talk to a supervisor, and sometimes they may offer you a credit for a smaller amount in the hopes you will be tired of fighting and relent, but it’s better than nothing.

Most likely they will waive something. It has worked for me every time.

By admin s, September 1, 2013
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