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Is Your Child Ready For A Debit Card?

  • September 26, 2017
  • By Sabine
Is Your Child Ready For A Debit Card?

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Last month, my son, Daniel, started high school. I still can’t believe it. How can it be that just four short years from now, he’ll be a college freshman?

Daniel loves high school and is eager to join varies clubs and sports teams. I’m all for it . I want him to have a great high school experience. In middle school, Daniel was a member of the school’s Quiz Bowl team. The kids did great – the team won state (Tennessee), which meant they were able to compete in the nationals in Orlando, Florida.

While I prepaid for his transportation, hotel, and admission tickets,  Daniel brought cash for his meals, drinks, etc. And because the team stayed for an entire week, I had to give him a pretty large amount of cash. Teenagers are always hungry and I certainly didn’t want him to run out of food money. Needless to say, I worried he’d lose the money. I also worried he’d spent his money on unnecessary things instead of nutritious meals.

Cash can only go so far and it significantly limits your ability as a parent to stay informed about your child’s spending activity. That’s where Greenlight, the smart debit card for kids comes in. The Greenlight debit card is not only exciting for kids, but it provides extra control and convenience for busy parents who don’t want to miss out on teachable moments. Plus, what child doesn’t want a plastic card like their parents?!

A Greenlight debit card may be safer for kids and teens than cash and prepaid debit cards. Why? Cash can be lost, stolen or spent outside of your agreed-upon spending plan. Your kids can’t withdraw cash or get cash back from their Greenlight Card. And if your child loses a prepaid debit card, it’s as good as losing cash. If your child’s Greenlight card is lost or stolen, you can quickly lock it and block purchases.

Greenlight costs just $4.99/mo per family, which includes cards for up to 5 children. It also offers zero-fee loading for parents transferring money into their Greenlight account. You can try it for 30 days before deciding if it is right for you and your family.

Next month, Daniel, turns 14 and he wants to get a job. Although his options are limited at this age (grocery bagger, fast food worker), I admire his motivation and drive.

occasionally, I “hire” him as my blog photographer and “computer person”. Not gonna lie, the kid knows more about computers (and technology in general) than I do. Gone are the days where I could  “pay” him with a slice of pizza.  Now I have to pay him real money. I can give him cash (which I almost never have on me) or I can transfer money from my account to his Greenlight card.

I think it’s important to give your child more independence as they reach a new age and stage in life, and having a debit card is a big responsibility.

Greenlight was made for children and built by parents. Unlike most debit cards, Greenlight supports kids ages 8-18. Greenlight believes that each child should learn the basics of money management as soon as possible, and it’s one of the most important things you will ever teach them.

  • Greenlight offers a convenient automated allowance feature to ‘set it and forget it’ so your kids always receive their allowance on time, with no fees for you.
  • Greenlight allows kids independence to spend their own money while you retain control over where their money is spent and how much they have to spend in certain stores or types of retailers.
  • Greenlight enables you to approve specific stores where your kids can spend money. Simply search for a specific store within the app and add money to your child’s card instantly. Don’t want to set restrictions? Add money via the “Spend Anywhere” Greenlight and your child can spend that money where they see fit. You and your child will receive real-time notifications after each purchase.
  • Whether your child makes a purchase, requests money, or sends you a message, you’ll receive an instant notification of all activity so you’re always in the know.
  • Greenlight is the safest way to give your kids money, approve their spending, and prepare them to become financially smart adults.
  • Greenlight is far safer than cash beyond just having a unique PIN. Even if the card is stolen, thieves will be hard pressed to figure out which stores the card will work at without also having access to the app.
  • Lose a Greenlight Card or want to temporarily disable your child’s card? No sweat. Simply turn the card off within the Greenlight App. Parents can turn a card on or off at any time instantly!
  • Greenlight is available for iOS and Android

Sign up for Greenlight before 10/30 and they’ll deposit a $20 bonus into your account after the 30-day free trial ends. *deposit bonus made approximately two weeks after free trial ends.

How are you preparing your children to become financially savvy adults? I’d love to hear from you.

By Sabine, September 26, 2017
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