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Love to Shop? These Companies Inspire, Empower, and Give Back!

  • November 19, 2014
  • By Sabine

Some of us are inspired by people; others are moved by places and experiences. And according to a management consulting firm, 89% of us find inspiration in at least one brand or corporation. Their survey revealed that inspired consumers feel like they are a “part of a company’s mission for making the world a better place.”

Perhaps the most encouraging statistic for these companies? More than 70 percent of the survey participants said they would spend more money on a company that inspires them.

Here are four companies that inspire me.


Go Gently Nation

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Raise your hand if your child needs one more Frozen shirt. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Go Gently Nation is one of the hottest organic brands for babies, small children, and adults. Crafted with an ethical soul and an eye for great design, this brand believes that it’s important to not just exist as a clothing brand but to go forward with ideas of how to make a difference.  With this mind, they are committed to using sustainable materials, organic fabrics and dyes, and producing their styles in the U.S.A. Go Gently Nation creates stylish apparel and shares the vision: Teach your children to Love others, Be kind to the earth and to Go Gently on their journey through life.

source: Go Gently Nation

You’ll love this Go Gently Nation organic tee.




Ten Thousand Villages

Talented artisans from 38 countries around the globe craft each of the items sold in Ten Thousand Villages retail shops and online store.

source: Ten Thousand Villages

The company, a registered nonprofit organization and founding member of the World Trade Fair Organization, operates on a Fair Trade platform, ensuring that money is filtered back to artisans in the form of fair wages and resources which help to better their lives.


The Joey Bag Company

The Joey Bag Company is an up-and-coming Nashville based lifestyle brand with a cause. The company creates handy satchel bags and beach bags designed to be your trustworthy companion for your day to day adventures. The bags, made from heavy duty waxed canvas, are awesome, but what makes this company truly hot is their dedication to marine life. 10% of the Joey Bag Company’s profits go straight towards conservation and preservation of dolphins and whales all over the world. Even more impressive, an entire 50% of the profits from their Save Our Seas “50/50 Bags” go towards the same cause.The company also offers sand-less Turkish cotton towels which are lighter and faster drying than traditional towels.

Source: The Joey Bag Company

Two thumbs up for this Made in the USA brand.



Goodwill may not be your place to shop for Christmas gifts, but you may be surprised to see their large inventory of Christmas décor and all things Christmas. Goodwill stores have a large assortment of festive and fun items. From ornaments and stockings to gift bags and wrapping paper, each Goodwill store location has its own unique selection of holiday items.

Source: Goodwill

Goodwill has a tried and true history of being a household name and respected brand. Consumers have come to understand that by shopping and donating at their local Goodwill store, they are investing in their local community. It’s simple: you donate stuff; Goodwill creates jobs using the revenue generated from sales. Goodwill creates valuable employment training and job placement services for thousands of people across the country.






By Sabine, November 19, 2014
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