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Make the most of your summer fun – safely! #BestSummerEver

  • June 22, 2015
  • By Sabine
Make the most of your summer fun – safely!  #BestSummerEver

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Banana Boat®. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

For me, the best part about summer is having all three kids home and going outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. With the girls being away at college, summer is sort of like a mini family reunion.  When everyone is home, we enjoy going to the lake or the local YMCA. We also enjoy hiking, jogging, playing catch, bike riding, or simply walking our dogs.

When we lived in Los Angeles, we were used to having a beach a few minutes from our house. While Nashville isn’t near an ocean, we are lucky to  have a beautiful lake (Old Hickory Lake) with a sandy beach, just minutes from home. The lake water is much warmer than the Pacific Ocean, which means, even I dare to go in for a swim. Another nice thing about the lake, the kids are allowed to bring in rafts and whatever blow up things they want. This was an absolute no-no at Los Angeles beaches.

Since all three kids were born and raised in Los Angeles where the sun shines most of the year, they are used to applying sunscreen all year-long. In fact, we carry sunscreen every where we go. It’s in my car, my bathroom , my kitchen, my purse, their back packs…

Since we have happily used  Banana Boat products in the past,  we were excited to try Banana Boat’s new sunscreens.

Dry Oil Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen, Sport Performance® Lotion Sunscreen with Powerstay Technology™, and  SunComfort™ Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen

My favorite is the Dry Oil Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen , which has been recently reformulated.  I love the smell of coconut and this sunscreen now includes argan oil. It’s THE perfect combo for me. I love that it leaves my skin feeling silky-smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy at all.

My girls hate the feel of sticky sand on their skin, which you get with certain sunscreens. The SunComfort™ Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen is perfect for them.  This new formula allows sand to easily brush off and moisturizes to relieve dryness caused by sun, chlorine and salt water.

My son, however, has always preferred the lotion type sunscreen and since he is very fair-skinned, I like the heavy duty protection the Sport Performance® Lotion Sunscreen with Powerstay Technology provides. This sunscreen was specifically designed for the sport enthusiast and active person who doesn’t want to be slowed down when out in the sun. That’s my son!

At our recent visit to the local YMCA pool, I applied it on him.  It’s light-weight, sweat resistant, water-resistant (up to 80 minutes), quick absorbing, non-greasy and won’t run in his eyes. Did you know that we are supposed to apply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to our bodies 30 minutes before going outside? Also, be sure to  reapply every two hours or immediately after swimming or excessive sweating.

I am looking forward to spending  more time with my kids outdoors this summer. But sun protection is very important to me. And, no matter how old my kids get, I will always remind them of the importance of sunscreen… because I love them!

By Sabine, June 22, 2015
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