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My Experience With Lowe’s Window Installation

  • October 8, 2019
  • By Sabine
My Experience With Lowe’s Window Installation

One month ago, Lowe’s installed 10 replacement windows in my home. My old windows were original to the house (built in 1970) and they needed to be replaced. Our old, leaky windows were a problem. The cold and warm air easily escaped the home, putting a tremendous burden on the HVAC system. As a result, the air conditioner and heater had to work extra hard to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house. This drove up my heating and cooling costs significantly. Purchasing new, energy-efficient windows seemed like an excellent investment.

The Consultation

In 2018, I hired Lowe’s to install new gutters. I was happy with the entire process from beginning to the end. So I was pretty certain I wanted Lowe’s to install my windows as well. Nonetheless, I called a local window installer for an estimate.

I ended up going with Lowe’s. Here’s the cost break down:

I ordered 10 double hung replacement windows with installation and removal of old windows and storm windows.

My total cost with Lowe’s was $4,147. The other company quoted $8,000 after a discount.

After the initial consultation, paper work and my own research, the windows were ordered and arrived within two weeks. Lowe’s called to let me know that they were ready for install. Two days later, the installer called to schedule the install appointment. We scheduled for the following week.

The Install

The day before the install, Lowe’s delivered the windows and stored them in my garage. The next morning, the installer and three of his men arrived on time. They were friendly and polite. Two of them were full time firefighters who installed windows on their days off.

window installation
My old windows with the grid

The installer walked through the house with me to check out each window. Drop clothes were put in place and the work began. They explained as well as showed me the process of installation.

By 1:30 p.m., the windows were installed, debris removed, and everything was cleaned up. They had me open and close each window and asked if everything was to my satisfaction. They showed me how the double hung windows tilt inward, allowing me to clean the outside while inside my home, making a once-dreaded task much more manageable.

I chose grid-less windows.

A month in, I noticed the house feels cooler. This was a month of daily 90 + degree weather. Yesterday, for the first time since I had the windows installed, it stormed really hard. The torrential downpour allowed me to inspect each window for possible leaks, but luckily, everything was dry.


Fall weather has finally arrived in Nashville and we enjoy opening all of our windows, something we weren’t able to do with the original ones. We enjoy breathing fresh, cool air.

I understand that some folks don’t like to shop at big box stores and they certainly wouldn’t let Lowe’s or Home Depot install anything in their homes. So far, my experience with Lowe’s installation has been positive. Lowe’s has a one year labor warranty , and so far, they have been good about returning phone calls, following up, scheduling, showing up on time, etc. I also never feel pressured by their consultant to make a purchase. He showed me various products ( in my case windows and gutters) in different price ranges.


Bad apples can be in any company, local or not. I recently had a horrible experience with a local plumber. Afterwards I called four other local plumbers. Not one bothered to call me back to set up an appointment. I ended up contacting one of the largest provider of plumbing repair. They called, showed up the next day and fixed the problem for a reasonable price.

This post is not sponsored by Lowe’s. I just wanted to share my experience with Lowe’s window purchase and installation.

By Sabine, October 8, 2019
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  • Paul
    October 8, 2019

    Congratulations, Sabine. The windows look great on your house. I have always had a good experience with Lowes and I recommend them as well. One of your photos reminds me of an old song titled: “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?”

    • Sabine
      October 9, 2019

      Thank you, Paul. So far, the windows have been wonderful. Haha, doggies are not for sale. Have a great day!

  • juraspark
    December 22, 2019

    Hi, just found your blog through wayfair and it’s quite interesting!
    We just had Lowes install the entire house full of windows and so far gotta say it has been great!
    We are in Canada and are happy to have a Lowes in our city!
    I will be checking out your blogs in the future.

    • Sabine
      January 20, 2020

      Happy to hear. My windows are still great as well. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • melodys100
    December 30, 2019

    The new windows look SO good!!! They make every room look so much bigger!!

  • Carl
    May 10, 2020

    After installing the gutter, I suggest buying several aluminum filter strainers. It can keep your gutter from maintenance for a long time, and it will be more convenient to clean up later.

  • Kate Wesolek
    September 16, 2020

    I am looking up Lowes reviews and found your blog. I am also in Nashville. Which Lowes store did you work with?

  • Tobiaz Johansson
    October 11, 2020

    Great information – thanks for sharing! It looks great. Did you buy vinyl or wood for that price?

  • Jane Robbins
    October 19, 2020

    Did you have to pay the total amount upfront?

    • Sabine
      October 19, 2020

      Yes. You can also get the Lowe’s credit card and make monthly payments with low interest.

  • David A Anderson
    October 19, 2020

    Hi Sabine, great review. Were any of your ten windows sliders, or special order? Do you happen to know the total square feet of the windows you choose? Were they low E?

    Thanks, all the best
    David A on the west coast.

    • Sabine
      November 1, 2020

      David, sorry for the slow reply. I dug out my paperwork for the windows but couldn’t find the total square feet listed on there. None of the windows are sliders or special order. I went with the 3201 series, double hung dual pane with ultra low e-glass and argon gas. Hope this info helps. My windows are still great, more than a year later. I have zero complains. Fingers crossed it stays this way. Hope the west coast is doing ok.

  • Venkata Chigurupati
    October 23, 2020

    Hi, the new windows fitted very well to brick surfaces and looks good. Your above info helps lot. I am looking for same from lowes for my windows. May I ask what brand/style u choose for the windows? 10 windows for 4+k is very good price compared to other individual window installers…

    • Sabine
      November 8, 2020

      Hi. I chose the 3201 series, double hung dual pane with ultra low e-glass and argon gas. Hope this helps.

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