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New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

  • June 24, 2016
  • By Sabine
New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

***The products were provided to me free of charge. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I was not financially compensated for writing this blog post..***

Remodeling a kitchen is probably the most expensive home improvement project a homeowner can undertake. And by far the most expensive part of this project is replacing  the cabinets. Luckily there are ways to bring a kitchen out of the Dark Ages if the cabinets receive new hardware, a good cleaning and a fresh finish.

Two years ago, I pretty much did just that. When I bought the house, the cabinets looked dirty and “tired”. The kitchen floor consisted of half carpet half laminate, and the wall paint was gross and grimy. I cleaned and then stained the cabinets in a rich espresso color.

kitchen before and after

But, instead of replacing the knobs and hinges, I spray painted them. The spray paint only held up well for about a year. It was time for another small makeover, which I was able to do with the help of National Hardware. With more than 7,500 products, they provide the highest quality hardware. At first, I considered replacing the knobs with handles. But this would have meant drilling additional holes and filling in old hardware holes with wood putty. I was afraid sanding the putty would ruin the stained finish. So I stuck with knobs. I’m actually glad I did because the process was so simple and quick. I love the new knobs. The quality is outstanding.

cabinet hardware

I can’t believe the huge impact this minor cabinet hardware change has made.

cabinet hardware

The same with the hinges. The old hinges looked tired and banged up. Installing the new National Hardware hinges was super easy since I didn’t have to drill any new holes.


Speaking of little things, I guarantee this video will make you laugh. It’s hilarious and I’ve watched it over and over.

By Sabine, June 24, 2016
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  • chenden
    March 13, 2018

    Hi Sabine, thanks for this article. I agree that remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects to undertake. I’ve found that it is so when you are buying new tools for the job and if you are replacing the cabinets. However, I’ll always go for it when I have the budget because the result is always stunning and worth the investment.

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