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Prepping My Home For Winter

  • November 10, 2015
  • By Sabine

prepping home for winterWinter is coming. Are you and your home prepared?

Last year, Nashville’s winter started out mild and dry. With around 65 degrees on Christmas and not a snow flake in sight, we thought spring was just around the corner. January, however, was a harsh reality. Snow, ice, freezing temperatures for weeks on end. We were not prepared for this. Aside from the loss of a small and already dead tree, our home didn’t sustain any damage.I Painted the Exterior This year I am not taking any chances so I have already started prepping our home for the worst.prepping home for winterI already inspected the gutters and cleaned out any leaves and debris.prepping home for winterI also replaced a few gutter nails with gutter screws. Several gutter nails  have come loose from their respective locations and caused the gutters over the deck to hang away from the roof.prepping home for winterThis pack of 10 screws is around $9 at Home Depot.prepping home for winterI drained, cleaned, and stored away hoses. Then I covered the outdoor faucet with foam covers. These help reduce the likelihood of frozen pipes.

prepping home for winterI am still working on my outdoor furniture. Basically, I will clean and cover my chairs and table with a waterproof cover. Of course it’s best to store them in a shed or garage. Do the same with your BBQ grill.

worx pole sawA few weeks ago I trimmed several trees and bushes. When large limbs are broken in an ice storm, they can cause major damage and expense. One of my small trees was crushed by ice last winter. Luckily the tree wasn’t nearby cars, fences, or houses.Werner LadderI recently painted the exterior of the house. This was a good time for me to replace any old caulking around windows and doors. Sealing leaks can reduce energy costs by 15 to 30%.
prepping home for winterThis is the first time I’ll be using a window insulation kit. I’ve heard good things about it. My kit is from the Dollar Store. It’s basically Saran wrap with two-sided tape. Let me know if you’ve ever used one.prepping home for winterEvery few months I change the air vent filter. This is important as it keeps adequate heat or air flowing freely through your vents. Aside from keeping air flowing properly, it can also save you money on your heat and cooling bills. Air filters are fairly inexpensive, although some go as high as $20 per filter. Not sure if they are any better.  I paid less than $3 for a pack of four.

Other things I do to get ready for winter:

  • A snow shovel and ice scraper are on my shopping list. (Buy them before they sell out)
  • I stock up my pantry. Last winter the streets were so icy we couldn’t leave the house for days.
  • Each fall I move my summer clothes to bins in the garage. Time to get out sweaters and scarves.
  • I replace my summer bedding with a down comforter.
  • Cozy sweater pillows and fuzzy blankets were added to the couch.

I probably forgot some important things, but I feel and sleep better knowing our home is sort of protected from a potentially  harsh winter.

How do you get your home ready for winter?

By Sabine, November 10, 2015
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