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Recycled Bamboo Tool Box

  • November 6, 2014
  • By Sabine

Back in August, when Nashville’s weather was still hot and humid, my oldest daughter and I went on regular evening walks around our neighborhood. The air wasn’t much cooler at night, but at least the sun wasn’t burning down on us.

On one of those summer evenings we came across a giant pile of bamboo which was sitting in front of someone’s house. The pile was probably large enough to build a small bamboo house. To be honest, we were a little overwhelmed with the amount of bamboo laying there. But the owner insisted we take as much as we want. “The more the better,” he said. Well, we didn’t really need bamboo but knew that at some point we’d want it for various projects.

We grabbed several bamboo poles – my daughter leading the way home, me in the back. Let me tell you, we were an interesting sight. After all, how often do you see two gals carrying bamboo around a neighborhood in Nashville?

A few months passed and I finally came up with an idea how to use this wonderful bamboo. You see,I work on lots of projects around the house – some big, some small. No matter the size, I almost always need my tools to complete each task. So, it was only logical to create a tool box to make my job a little easier. I didn’t need anything fancy, just something that would hold my go-to tools in one place.My leftover fence wood was perfect for this easy project.

Luckily my bamboo wasn’t hollow so I was able to put screws in there. Tip: Pre-drill holes in the bamboo before fastening, as it splits easily.

This is a simple project and you’re only limited by your imagination and the materials at hand.

This tool box is really handy to have, and knowing that I can help our planet by recycling materials that might have been tossed into a landfill makes me happy.

Final thought: Whenever you see someone’s discarded things, visualize and imagine what you could create.


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By Sabine, November 6, 2014
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