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Reel Push Mower = Exercise, Eco-Friendly Environment & More

  • May 5, 2014
  • By Sabine

In recent years, terms like “eco-friendly” and “going green” have become buzz words on the internet, in media, and print. But in reality, people have been guarding the planet’s health for generations.

When it was time to purchase my first lawn mower ever, I did some research – actually, a lot of research. I wanted an earth-friendly, low maintenance, and cost-effective machine.
I purchased a Reel Push Mower for $69 at Lowe’s. In case you’re not familiar with one, it’s a lawn mower without a motor. The motor is you – your legs and arms are the driving force behind this clever mower. I can tell you one thing; I sleep like a baby after I mow my lawn. No need for a gym membership when you own one of these.

The assembly was super easy. The mower is basically held together with six bolts. In minutes, you are ready to go. This thing is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Even my 10-year-old went ahead and cut the grass in our front yard without any problems.

The mower has far surpassed my expectations at the quality of cut it provides. It cuts grass and weeds in one pass as long as they aren’t over four inches tall.

If you want to stop paying for gas and oil as well as maintenance, eliminate noise, smell and pollution, and get some exercise, then you should really consider this mower. I have had several neighbors come up and ask me what this is and where I got it. Many think reel mowers are some new revolutionary design when in fact they have been around since 1827.

I know this might sound crazy, but I actually enjoy mowing the lawn. This mower was a great purchase. It’s an “old” concept with new technological advancements. It does what it’s supposed to do – CUT GRASS.

Note: Larger twigs will stop the blade. I simply pick them up before I mow.

I was not compensated to provide this opinion. I just love this mower and wanted to share my opinion with you.

By Sabine, May 5, 2014
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