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Things ‘The Rehab Addict’ & I Have in Common… one is GRIME BOSS

  • July 28, 2014
  • By Sabine

I recently had the chance to try out Nice-Pak’s new GRIME BOSS cleaning products. From floors to cook tops to laptops, GRIME BOSS offers disinfecting multi-purpose wipes, furniture wipes, stove top wipes, and even touch screen wipes. As a clean freak and a mother of three kids and two dogs, I’m highly interested in a product that promises to kill bacteria.

GRIME BOSS recently partnered with one of my favorite DIYers and TV personalities, Nicole Curtis, also known as The Rehab Addict.

Here’s what Nicole and I have in common:

  • We’re both busy single moms
  • We’re both clean freaks
  • We both love DIY
  • We both love dogs
  • We both love GRIME BOSS

The first test was the bathroom counter. This is an area which requires daily wiping to get at the assorted toothpaste, and mascara smears inevitably left on it. One reason I like the GRIME BOSS Multi Purpose Wipes is that I can clean the entire countertop – and sink – with just one wipe.

Next, I tested the other area in my house that needs to be wiped down on a regular basis; the kitchen countertop. I was actually quite impressed. On a similar ‘mess-level’ as to what I usually am dealing with, it only took one wipe to get the countertop clean.

The tile floor I installed in the kitchen was next.
This little guy spends most of his time in the kitchen and sometimes forgets his bathroom is outside.

The kitchen floor always gets the most traffic in my house and I was impressed and embarrassed by how much grime and dirt the GRIME BOSS Scrubbing Wipes removed. The wipes are extra large and durable and fit on my Swiffer. But the best way to clean my tiles is to get down on my knees and scrub away. The next day, the tiles still had the fresh orange scent from the wipes.

I also tried the GRIME BOSS Touch Screen Wipes. They are individually packaged and remove fingerprints and smudges from computer screens, touch screens and even my glasses. Again, they did the job perfectly and smell really nice.

The bottom line:

GRIME BOSS cleaning products are a good solution to keeping my home clean and virtually germ-free. And they smell great. The products can be used in every room of the house.

If you are like me – little time & big messes – GRIME BOSS products will help you clean quickly and effectively.

GRIME BOSS is available nationwide at Bed Bath & Beyond. For more savings visit their coupon page. For more information, visit GRIME BOSS at


**Just to be clear, GRIME BOSS sent me the products I mentioned in this post but I decided to tell you about them because I think they are great.

**Nicole Curtis photo courtesy of Pinterest

By Sabine, July 28, 2014
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