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Replacing Boob Lights with Modern Pendants

  • November 3, 2015
  • By Sabine
Replacing Boob Lights with Modern Pendants

Last week, I installed two new light fixtures. For about a year, I was going back and forth, deciding on the style of lighting I wanted for the house. What I liked was usually too pricey. So I was stuck with “boob” lights.

Ah… the dreaded “boob” light. I don’t know who came up with the term, but it is probably the best way to describe these types of lights that mount flush to the ceiling. They are pendular, hanging heavy from the ceiling, and end in a … well … a nipple.

I used to have five in my house. The first one to go was the one over the kitchen sink, which I replaced with this pendant. I was lucky to have found the pendant at a local outlet store for only $6. You can read about here.Thanks to, I’m now down to two “boob” lights. has an incredible selection of contemporary lighting, bathroom lighting and dining room lamps. Whether you want simple style vintage hanging lights or fabulous modern pendant lighting, ParrotUncle has got it all.

When I first visited the website I couldn’t believe their wide selection of light fixtures. There’s so much to choose from at reasonable prices. I picked two black pendants – one for the kitchen and one for my son’s room.I am a  fan of simple, clean lines so these light fixtures are perfect for our home.

pendant light 3

My son loves his new black metal dome pendant light – I think it’s an instant focal point. And I love the classic black pendant light for the kitchen.

pendant light
pendant light

Once I figured out what to do with two black wires, the installation was easy. Here’s what I know now but didn’t know prior to installing these two light fixtures. Usually, a light fixture has a black, white and copper wire. White is neutral, black is hot, and copper is ground. Which means you connect the white with the white and black with the black, copper with the grounding screw. If the light fixture has two black wires, one of the black wires ( it is usually marked or has ridges) connects with the white (neutral) wire. The other black  wire (it’s usually smooth) connects with the black wire (hot).

In addition to shortening the chain on my son’s light fixture, I had to shorten the cord. So using my wire cutters I cut open the wire cover, pulled it off, and then stripped the ends of the wires.

Here’s how to replace a “boob” light:

Kill the power at the breaker!

Unscrew  the nipple and the glass like you are going to change the light bulb.

Unscrew the light fixture from the hardware mount then unscrew the wire nuts and remove the wiring.

Pull the light away.

Install the new mount (usually two screws) and insert the new wiring into the wire nuts and mount the new light.

***I received free products in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine.***

By Sabine, November 3, 2015
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