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Testing Aloe Vera Gel Face Primer

Testing Aloe Vera Gel Face Primer

Several months ago I made my own coconut oil moisturizer facial scrub with which I’m still obsessed it. Unless I am out of coconut oil, I use the scrub almost every day. I really wanted a face primer and when searching for a DIY concoction, I came across several sites that recommend Aloe Vera Gel as…

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By Sabine, October 8, 2015

Lemon-Sugar Face Scrub for Glowing Skin

This Lemon-Sugar Face Scrub “will change the life of your skin.” It’s the best facial scrub I’ve ever tried. This scrub is completely natural, costs next to nothing, and helps with age spots, sun spots, freckles, acne, blackheads and dull looking skin. The science behind this technique is the result of two compounds in lemons….

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By admin s, September 13, 2013
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