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Strawberry & Cream Popsicles

Why is it that ice cream takes four hours to freeze but only four minutes to melt? Taking photos of ice cream is sort of a challenge, to say the least.  You have about three minutes before everything turns saucy. Popsicles. The heat made me do it. I had three hours of mowing ahead so…

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By Sabine, June 20, 2016
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Affordable Fashion for “Real” Women

Doesn’t this dress just look so fresh and comfy? I love it… although it’s not from my closet. It’s my daughter’s, but this dress is exactly my style. I think it’s a great summer dress – so comfy with some visual interest. This is the dress I’d bring if I was going on a tropical…

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By Sabine, May 27, 2016
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Nashville’s Hot Summer & Ice Cream for Breakfast

It’s gonna be a long hot summer! Why not make it delicious? This is our third summer in Nashville, and I am surprised how different each summer has been. Our first summer was full of severe thunder storms. The kids weren’t used to them (severe thunder storms do not exist in Los Angeles) and found…

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By Sabine, June 26, 2015
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