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Inexpensive Closet Upgrade

Inexpensive Closet Upgrade

My bedroom closet is tiny. Even though I don’t have a ton of clothes, I still wanted a more functional and efficient closet. Something like this. But closet systems are expensive. Like this one from Lowe’s: almost $400. At first, I planned on building something similar, but since lumber prices are through the roof, I…

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By Sabine, July 1, 2021
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How to Get AT&T Upgrade Fee Waived

I recently upgraded three of our cell phones. AT&T stuck me with an upgrade fee of $36 per phone. As you can imagine, I was pretty annoyed with their “upgrade fee.” First I called the brick-and-mortar AT&T store where I purchased the phones. The gentlemen told me that it was impossible for him to waive…

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By admin s, September 1, 2013
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