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Vinyl Tile – Durable, Affordable & Great Looking?!

  • January 30, 2015
  • By Sabine

VinylFloorNewMainA year ago, I installed vinyl tile in my kitchen and bathroom. Yes, the “peel and stick” kind that would make most home buyers on ‘House Hunters’ run out of the house. Well, let me tell you, HGTV, this stuff is actually pretty amazing and should not be a deal breaker. (By the way, the same goes for brass door knobs).

Vinyl tile is extremely durable. Our kitchen is such a high-traffic area since it leads to the back yard and the garage. And with three kids and two dogs in the house, stuff gets dropped and spilled a lot. However, the floor still looks just as good as it did a year ago. No cracks, no chips.VinylFloor7VinylFloor4As the only bathroom in the house, this room gets tons of traffic as well. Vinyl tile is not cold like ceramic tile. Even in the winter months the floor feels warm. Vinyl tile costs a fraction of ceramic tile.

VinylFloor6The installation of vinyl tile is also easier and faster. This was my first time installing tile and I didn’t encounter any problems. But here’s the best part. Did you know you can grout vinyl tile and achieve a very similar look to ceramic tile? It’s true. Another great thing about vinyl tile is that you can grout right after installation, which is not the case with ceramic tile. I used this pre-mixed grout. The final step is to seal the grout.VinylFloor8

VinylFloor1This is the vinyl tile I used in the kitchen. I bought it at Home Depot.VinylFloor2This is the product I used in the bathroom. It’s from Lowe’s.

***I wasn’t compensated by anyone to give this review.  I just wanted to put out this update for anyone considering this product.


By Sabine, January 30, 2015
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